Nokia N95 – “No Gateway Reply” – Here Is How I Fixed It!

12 thoughts on “Nokia N95 – “No Gateway Reply” – Here Is How I Fixed It!”

  1. tnx man! i thought i totally wasted my money on a new wireless router. at first it worked with my n95. then it just stopped. had to google and tried different solutions. your solution was d one that worked!

  2. Hello folks! Thanks a bunch for dropping by and for the feedback! Welcome to elsua!

    Michael, I am surely glad to hear that with this solution you have managed to fix the problem. I spent quite some time myself over the course of a few hours searching all over the place in forums, through Google and whatever else and couldn’t find it. Till I thought about giving that a try and bingo! Problem fixed! Easy, I know, but it took me a while to realise and just had to share it over here to save some more time to other folks.

    Marl, regarding your question, that would pretty much depend on the Wireless router you may have. Some of them have got slightly different sets of instructions to follow. I have done a quick search through Google and if you insert there the name of your router I bet you would be able to find those instructions. There are plenty of "How To" documents in there. I am sure they would help.

    Thanks again for the feedback!

  3. I was getting exactly the same problem, and it was driving me crazy because my N95 suddenly wouldn’t connect to the wireless network.

    I tried all manner of phone settings, including turning off the power savng, checking the preamble and other settings were correct, resetting the phone etc.

    My router is a Netgear WPN824 v2. My wireless network was open, but I was assigning IP address based upon Mac address. I turned on WEP, and deleted the entries reserving a particular IP for a particular mac address. Note, this wasn’t MAC address filtering under the advanced wireless settings (which I’d previously turned off to no avail), but the address reservation under the ‘LAN IP’ menu.

    Once I’d done this, my phone connected immediately.

    Hope this helps some more people! Now that I’ve got my phone on the network, it’s time to start playing, to see exactly what broke it! 🙂

  4. Unfortunately my WEP key is 26 hexadesimal long and I have “No Gateway reply”.
    My Nokia worked fine on my WLAN then I sent it in to repair (seperate issue) when I got it back it stopped working and I got “No gateway reply” ever since. I took it back to the shop told them what was happening, they gave me a brand new one, and low and behold, I am still getting the “No gateway reply”
    If anyone has anymore solutions I will gladly try them, all that I have tried so far have not worked. I have been onto many forums and hundreds of people have the same problem, and loads have solutions, none of yet have worked with me. I have changed the WEP key as well, and that never worked. I have 3 psps and one laptop connected to my router on wifi, and they are fine, I connected my friends sons psp on to the wifi the weekend to see if it was a router problem, but it connected without a problem, so it definately a prob with the n95. sob sob sob sob

  5. Unfortunately my WEP key is 26 hexadesimal long and I have My WLAN is Ad-Hoc Laptop direct to N95. I can connect, but stil have “No Gateway reply” wher trying browse the Internet. The Internet conection is set to Share Internet.
    So where is the problem?

  6. Thanks for the feedback, folks! I am not sure what is happening with your configurations, but other than what I have just posted over here I am out of ideas. I noticed though that there is a limit in the number of connections that can be established with a particular WiFi router and in my case it is up to four devices concurrently, after which I would get that “No Gateway Reply” message, so I guess that would be something else to check out: i.e. ensuring there are no more devices connected than necessary.

    Yes, I am sure you have all tried that out, but, like I said, I just put together what worked with me and what took me quite a while to get it sorted out. You folks may want to check out the options that Ryan and Minnow have put together as they may also help.

    If not, I guess the search will continue. If I bump into something else that may well help I shall go ahead and share it over here. Hopefully, you folks would get it working again! Good luck and thanks for dropping by and for the feedback!

  7. i am using gprs with edge for browsing my n95 But surprisingly google and all google based websites are not opening now:) all other sites except google are working very well but when i try to open google the error message is web connection timeout or no gateway reply and i also got error message that google thinks that i am a robot not a human and it asked me to recognise a wavy looking text word.
    Kindly help me solve this problem and i shall be very thankfull if someone can email me the solution at

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