Yes, I Know, I Am a Blog Addict! There! Now I’ve Said It! So What?

5 thoughts on “Yes, I Know, I Am a Blog Addict! There! Now I’ve Said It! So What?”

  1. I would enjoy seeing more links to conversations happening elsewhere that you may be participating in or just watching. As for shorter posts, I enjoy your passion for KM which I think comes out in the longer posts. That said, I can imagine perhaps a larger audience for your blog with shorter posts.

  2. Looks like I’m “just” 75% addicted to blogging and that’s fine, I think, hehe.

    I think I also agree with the ‘shorter posts’ thing and I’ll give a little example to put things in one perspective… We have read Irving’s blog posts because they are very interesting, the same as yours, but on one side some of us have a few hundreds of posts, articles, you name it to go through each day that if all of them were long (as Irving’s or some of your posts) then in the end it will feel like we didn’t read the number of posts we wanted to.
    First of all we try to read about topics of interest to us, right? So if we cover, say, 123 items we will feel better perhaps than just 33.

    Although things aren’t as easy for that perspective since there are times that perfectionist people (like me) try to cover all of the spaces and holes of a topic and for sure it makes a lengthier post but arguably, more complete. Or maybe we need to learn to summarize things as if we were presenting to an Exec?

    Well, it’s a complex theme with a lot of perspectives and opinions. But for sure I will appreciate posts a bit shorter šŸ˜‰

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