Quintura Now on to Visualise Video Search – Where Is the Limit?

2 thoughts on “Quintura Now on to Visualise Video Search – Where Is the Limit?”

  1. Hi Asad! Thanks a lot for the feedback comments and for dropping by. Welcome to elsua! I am glad to hear you have given it a try and enjoyed the experienced. Yes, indeed, I know what you mean w.r.t. FireFox integration. That is really neat, indeed, and one of the other key advantages from Quintura, the fact that is providing a service independent from the browser you use, which is not the same that you could say from other applications or search engines. So the fact that it tries to innovate following the Web standards that may have been put together is another good reason to make it a preferred search.

    It is already for me, so I am glad to see I am not the only one. Thanks again for the feedback!

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