IBM Lotus Connections Demo – The Real Thing!

5 thoughts on “IBM Lotus Connections Demo – The Real Thing!”

  1. Luis, I can not agree more with you in that THIS VIDEO is the VERY BEST to tell what is SOCIAL Computing within the Enterprise. I would recommend this to everybody in my community who would like to understand the nuts of Social Computing itself. What I like most is the DOGEAR is well repesented in this, since MY BLOG is named after this. Now I can answer to those who ask me “Why did you name your blog DOGEAR”. Thanks for posting this article. Hope others will be encouraged to see this video. Rgds

  2. Luis, a bit different view of Social Computing by Peter Fingar in my understanding. He comes up with new term in his column with the title of “The Greatest Innovation Since BPM” at BPTrends at
    Referenced article on Inforamtion age calls “human interaction management system” as “fourth wave of business automation”. Looks like HIMS is another side of the coin of Office 2.0 with more scent of HUMAN-centered view of BPM2.0. Appreciate your comments if you think appropriate. Regards

  3. Hello folks! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the great feedback comments, including the trackback from yourself, Stefano, to help keep spreading the message. I am really glad you have enjoyed the weblog entry and that you are also sharing your thoughts on the screencast.

    Sawada-san, thanks much as well for sharing those very valuable feedback comments. I am really glad to read you have enjoyed the screencast / demo and that it has proved to be useful, even if it is just to indicate the meaning of your own weblog, Dogear. If I bump into some other screencasts I will go ahead and share them along. Not to worry. Appreciated the feedback!

    Also I equally appreciate the hat-tip on the article from Peter Fingar around Social Computing. It surely makes for an interesting and refreshing reading with lots of stuff to comment on. However, before I may dive into it I think I would need to do some further thinking into it, because he touches a number of points that I am not really sure I would agree with and I would need to think about them some more to see what would be the best way to channel them through.

    So for the time being, a big thanks for sending the article along and hope to be able to share a follow up weblog entry review on it mentioning what I think about the article itself. I am surely it will be an interesting one, just as much as the article itself is. Thanks for connecting this weblog entry with Peter’s article. Appreciated.

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