IBM Professional Technical Leadership Exchange – Paris – May 2007

8 thoughts on “IBM Professional Technical Leadership Exchange – Paris – May 2007”

  1. Hi Andrew! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the the feedback! I surely hope that we would be able to meet up! I bet it is going to be an incredibly fun event, so it would be great if we could see each other! Take care and see you in Paris in about a month from now!

  2. Hi Luis, this conference, from my view, is the MOST influential one, so that latest technolgies would be discussed for knowledge exchange. Wish you have a good time presentating the latest learning in social computing. And also tne nice coverage after it is over.

  3. Hello Sawada-san! Thanks much for the feedback comments. Yes, indeed, this is one of those IBM special events that takes place once a year and that people get invited to attend. You surely get to meet the best of the best technical leads from IBM, so it is incredibly exciting to be able to speak to such an audience and specially relate some of the stuff of what is going on in the social computing space.

    I am surely looking forward to getting things going and making it to the event as I will be able to attend some really good sessions on different topics and, best of all, I will be able to meet some great people all around! And, of course, I will surely blog about it, as least, for as much as I may be able to 😉

    Thanks again for the feedback and stay tuned!

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