Here’s a thought: Not All End Users Love Technology – Drawing the Line between Work and Play

6 thoughts on “Here’s a thought: Not All End Users Love Technology – Drawing the Line between Work and Play”

  1. At the Second Life library staff meeting on Sunday, a quote was shared from a librarian who “has had more fun in the last year than in the first 20 years of her library career.” And the head of the library funding some of the Info Island project mentioned “as I talk about SL I am consciously playing up the fun aspect as a huge contributor to our huge learning curve and to our success.”

    So, yes – It is fun, and that’s a good thing!


  2. Hello folks! Thanks a lot for the feedback comments! It is greatly appreciated! Beth, I am really glad to see you have shared these comments with us because on the other cross post I shared not long ago I actually had a comment from one of my readers saying how the examples of what I tried to share above are not the reality that most knowledge workers face in their day to day work. And I am really glad that with your comments and success stories we may be able as well to prove anyone that play, and having fun while at work, is a fundamental skill that we should not forget or ignore or even get rid of. It is actually an integral part of who / what we are as human beings and to be able to say that you are working for a company where these skills are not valued is perhaps not the best of approaches towards enjoying what you do on a day to day basis.

    So thanks again for chiming in and for adding further up into the discussion! Greatly appreciated. I surely agree with you that it is a good thing!

    Sawada-san thanks a lot for pointing us to one of my fellow IBM colleagues who, along with his team, has been doing some of the superb piece of work around the area of incorporating the world of the metaverse into our different learning processes and is perhaps one of the most remarkable thought leaders in the area.

    Funny enough, one of the drafts for future weblog entries that I have got for a later time was doing some link love to link to his weblog as he has just got started with it not long ago. That weblog entry is actually going to be shared later on this coming week, not to worry, but I am surely glad to see you have been digging a bit as well on this subject and found some really good resources already. Good stuff! It shows you have found the right ones and the ones that would be worth while keeping up with.

    Thanks again for chiming in and for the lovely recommendation and if you haven’t subscribed to it just yet by all means go ahead and do it as I am sure you would find the experience very enlightening and educational. At least, I have thus far.

  3. Luis, thanks for feedback. It is interesting to know that you and Tony have been in synch already. Yeah I will keep an eye on his BLOG entry and let both of you know if there pops up any related subjects during my research in future.

  4. Hello Sawada-san! Thanks again for the additional thoughts. Yes, I know Tony for quite some time and have known of his excellence in the field of learning for quite some time ago. I was one of the folks who was really excited when I first heard his Internet weblog was up and running as I felt that plenty of people out there would be able to leverage with his wide range of skills and knowledge around the subject of Learning and eLearning and I am surely glad you have added his weblog to your blogroll as I am sure you would find it quite educational and engaging. I will be sending some link love to it soon, too! It would be worth while the effort, I am sure.

    Thanks again for dropping by!

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