Mills Spikes Consumer Social Software for IBM – Can Enterprises Afford Ignoring the Consumer Market?

8 thoughts on “Mills Spikes Consumer Social Software for IBM – Can Enterprises Afford Ignoring the Consumer Market?”

  1. Hello folks! Thanks much for the feedback comments and for dropping by! Appreciated all the great input and the trackback.

    Mike, I certainly agree with your point that in the current flow of information and how knowledge gets spread around nowadays issues like security, identity, compliance and so on are not just good enough. Over time the barriers between work and private life are slowly disappearing and rearranging the way we have traditionally known the workplace. And as such, applications that at the time were rather strict in how the knowledge and information would flow would go need to open up now in order to accommodate the new needs and requirements from that particular workforce that wants to combine both what they may be doing outside of work with what they are doing at work. Fascinating topic, indeed!

    I thought I would go ahead and create another follow up weblog entry on the subject commenting as well not only on some of what James has mentioned already in the article he has created, since I think it is worth while enough to expand further on another article, but also on what you have mentioned in your own weblog. Thus stay tuned for some more to come!

    Thanks again for the feedback !

  2. Hi Ed! Thanks a lot for letting me know about this and for the kind feedback! No, I haven’t shared it internally at the original time I posted it over here, but I surely have done it now in my internal blog and will be spreading the word around as well. Appreciated the comments!

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