Social Networking Attracts the Big Iron Boys – Where Re-focusing on the People Is a Must

4 thoughts on “Social Networking Attracts the Big Iron Boys – Where Re-focusing on the People Is a Must”

  1. Hello Sawada-san! Thanks much for the feedback comments and for dropping by! Yes, indeed, that is, in my opinion, the one key aspect that KM 2.0 will be moving around, and the one that will help Knowledge Management survive all along, despite the growing commentary from different folks about getting rid of the wording KM altogether. I am not sure where that is coming from, but it surely got my thinking and ready for an upcoming weblog entry around the subject of whether we should be getting rid of the concept of KM or move along with what we have thus far: KM 2.0. We shall see. Stay tuned for that upcoming entry.

    Also watch out for another entry I shall be creating around the subject of Activity Explorer. As you may have been reading already elsewhere, Activity Explorer is actually one of the several components from Lotus Connections, but I will go ahead and share with you folks some further details on what my experience with it has been all these months.

    Stay tuned ! (And thanks again for all the great feedback!)

  2. Channel Surf a social network on-line over a set-top box in real-time.

    Like the hyphens? I think it shall be called the Hyphenated Social Club or HSC.

    The real genius is the marriage of Social networks with Scientific Atlanta.

  3. Thanks for the feedback ! I agree with you that it would be an interesting trend to follow up on. Putting social networks to work in the real business world is where the challenge is going to be for the next few years, and the sooner we start seeing more and more of those social networks making it into the business world, the better. So thanks again for the feedback!

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