Knowledge Management 1.0 vs. Knowledge Management 2.0

6 thoughts on “Knowledge Management 1.0 vs. Knowledge Management 2.0”

  1. Hi James ! Fantastic! Thanks a bunch for dropping by and for sharing that link ! Yes, indeed, there are lots of different articles in that link and, much importantly, lots of great stuff in there, too! This is certainly going to keep me busy for a while ! heh 🙂 Wonderful ! Again, I appreciate it very much dropping by and sharing these comments with us and, specially, the last link where there is some very good stuff for us all to digest further. So thanks for sharing that and for dropping by. Greatly appreciated!

    (I know what I will be doing over the coming weekend ! Lots of great reading ahead of me!)

  2. Very interesting article. Thanks James for the excellent pdf. It does provide one a very good overview on how knowledge management is moving from a content/information management to actually maximising the use of knowledge.

  3. Hi Vijeesh! Thanks a lot for chiming in and for the feedback comments. Welcome to elsua! I certainly agree with your comments about James’ article. It does provide a very good overview of the state of KM and how it is shaping up to meet the "new" needs from knowledge workers, that, from what I know, have always been there in the hiding, anyway. So it is good they are coming back and, much more importantly, that they are finally met in the KM space. Great stuff, indeed !

    I am really glad you have commented in this weblog post because somehow and while moving machines some time ago I seemed to have lost your weblog address in my feeds and I am happy to have found it again through this comment. Just re-subscribed to it and also added into my blogroll available here in this weblog.

    You have been having some very interesting conversations and I am hoping to share some thoughts on a couple of them some time soon! Keep up the good work !

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