LiveCommentPreview – Helping to Facilitate the Conversations in Weblogs

4 thoughts on “LiveCommentPreview – Helping to Facilitate the Conversations in Weblogs”

  1. Hi Enrique! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for sharing your thoughts! Welcome to elsua! Yes, I couldn’t have agreed more with you as well and it is actually quite interesting to read what your adaption has been to the new medium, compared to the weblogging platform you have been using for some time now. So I will keep on reading further on your experiences using WordPress, because somehow I feel that I may be able to find some other goodies, like LiveCommentPreview. Thanks again for the feedback!

  2. Whooops! Thanks a lot, Luis, for spotting that out, and for dropping by with this feedback! Yes, indeed it is Blogestudio and I have now corrected the typo. Appreciated the feedback and keep up the superb piece of work! Well done!

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