Enteprise 2.0: More Than Blogs and Wikis – You Got That Right!

3 thoughts on “Enteprise 2.0: More Than Blogs and Wikis – You Got That Right!”

  1. Luis, I agree with your comment that balanced approach between traditional KM and Collaboration space along with the next wave of collaboration and knowledge sharing: social computing. I am also looking for the simple way to tell the importance of the tacit and explicit knowledge exchange and how KM+Collaboration empowered by Social Computing help accelerate tacit/explicit knowledge exchange.
    I see Enterprise 2.0, or whatever we call it” will become mainstream when we can illustrate above point in easy-to understand and intuitive words.

  2. Luis, as we leave only 2 days before year 2007, I found an intersting presentation to summarize the BIG trends in 2006.

    Go to
    A collection of thoughts from a diverse selection of marketing professionals of all walks looking back at 2006

    There, I love P12 and 13 most, where my interpretaion of
    Model Drirven Business Strategy (Modeling and Design) Architecture = MBA
    Model Driven IT Model (Desin and Development) Architecture = MDA

    What is your take ? Rgds

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