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  1. Hi Luis – just a few words to share my excitement about the huge
    achievement of the basketball team, which I painfully followed over
    the Internet – the ‘refresh’ button is almost worn out!

    May I also take this opportunity to congratule you for your blog on KM,
    a great source of inspiration that finally pushed me to open
    mine and share thoughts and experiences with other KM practitionerts.


  2. Hi Javi ! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the kind feedback comments ! Welcome to elsua! This is just incredibly funny ! Through a non-related weblog post to the main subjects around KM that I get to discuss over here we get to meet each other virtually on another subject that we both seem to be passionate as well. Just fantastic and by the looks of it your name and surname are just as British as my Dutch name and surname 😉 (Gracias por los comentarios y por darme a conocer tu blog).

    One of these days we have got to get together some time and discuss where those affinities come from. Oh, and talking about affinities, check out wonders from YouTube with precious moments such as these:

    I am sure there would be many more to come, so you would be able to enjoy them all, but perhaps this one is one of my favourites thus far. Totally awesome !

    I am really glad as well to see how you have just got started with your own KM weblog as well, to which I have subscribed already, and which I will be commenting on a couple of interesting weblog posts that you have been sharing. As a starter it looks like although we may be working for different companies we share the same motto about what KM is all about: “ (KM is all about) making people working smarter rather than harder by promoting and encouraging the sharing and re-use of knowledge“. Excellent stuff ! As I said, already subscribed to your blog and looking further to sharing some further insights.

    Oh, and one of these days you would have to tell me what you were cooking while they took that picture of yours that you have as part of your profile. It looks really nice and I am sure it tasted a whole lot better 😉

    Thanks again for connecting the dots and hope to speak to you soon !

  3. Thanks for the videos; great stuff.
    Glad to check once again that professional and social networking often blend into one only.
    I will keep developing the latter (food recipes included) by email not to bore othe readers!

  4. You are most welcome, Javi ! Have a look into the link I have shared above because there are actually some more videos already available about the match itself. Good stuff.

    Sure thing ! I shall look forward to getting some of those lovely recipes, but then I am thinking that it may be a good blend (Pun intended) to actually combine both KM and food, why not? I know of a couple of bloggers that actually do the same and they are very good at it. So you may want to give it a try, why not? We shall keep reading 😉

  5. Hola Martin ! Desde luego que sí. Y lo mejor de todo es que esto nos va a durar otros cuatro años y luego seguro que lo podremos repetir de nuevo ya que una buena parte de estos “Golden Boys” todavía estarán por ahí dando guerra ! Estupendo !

    Muchas gracias por dejarte caer por aquí y colgar un mensaje ! Por cierto, he echado un vistazo a tu blog y me encanta el nombre que le has dado, o mejor, lo que representa, jejeje. Esa sidriña ! 😀

    Otra cosa, veo que estás comentando temas sobre iSeries y Domino. Y mira tú que casualidad que también conozco a otro bloguero dentro de IBM que también crea artículos sobre el mismo tema. Dame un toque si quieres que os conecte 😉

    (Bisca Barça !)

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