Blogtipping and Getting More Traffic for Your Weblog

5 thoughts on “Blogtipping and Getting More Traffic for Your Weblog”

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  2. Thanks a bunch, Easton, for dropping by and for the feedback input ! Greatly appreciated! Yes, that is right, I am always trying to improve the weblogging experience so that I can make it as easy as possible not only for myself but also for my readership, specially if they are not familiar with the medium. That way, they can give it a try themselves and see how far they can take things further. I have already started to look for that new, more accommodating, theme that would trigger the rest of the different changes thus stay tuned 🙂

    Thanks again for the feedback !

  3. Having just discovered your blog I noticed that there were some formatting issues – I also read Easton’s blog and he made a suggestion about the formatting. If it helps, I find that your blog displays fine in Firefox, it’s in IE 5.5 where the problems with column widths arises.

  4. Hi Ashleigh ! Thanks a bunch for the feedback comments and for dropping by! Welcome ! Yes, indeed, this is something that I have noticed myself, too. The weblog template seems to be displaying just fine using FireFox and Flock, even in Opera it works all right. I think that the problems may be with IE not following the standards we all know should be following in order to render pages the way it should. Either way, I am searching for a new theme/template, so whenever that is ready I will also do a dry run test with IE and see how it would go and if anything else I could always add a disclaimer on recommended browsers to view the weblog. I know that this may sound a bit like in the good old 90s but still better than anything or better than having to wait for IE to catch up with the rest of the Internet.

    Thanks again for the feedback !

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