WhoLinked – Seeing Who Is Linking to Your Conversations

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  1. Hi Luis – I’m the guy behind WhoLinked. Thank you SO much for the nice comments… it means everything as I’m sure you know. Right now my brother and I are amazed at how it is taking off. Over 100 sites a day since we launched mid-April. Now all we need is some folks to volunteer to translate the remaining language sections like French, Russian and so on.
    Believe it or not, it’s not a high-tech snippet. We are doing link: operator searches on the engines, caching the results and then parsing them by pagerank. Many people do this anyway in trying to scope out their backlinks.
    Again, thanks – you’ve given me something I can show my wife to get some badly needed points back – – Todd Dunning

  2. Thank you both, Mirona and Todd, for dropping by and for the feedback comments ! Welcome to elsua! Appreciated the headsup.

    Todd, I am really glad to hear from you folks that you are doing great and that WhoLinked is really taking off big time ! Fantastic! I am hoping that you may get those translators to help you with those translation efforts because I find it really cool and worth while going for. Perhaps with weblog posts like this one we can get some more exposure and get some volunteers out there who would be able to help out. Fingers crossed.

    Thanks a lot for the description of how it actually works. Actually some times, if not most of the times, keeping things simple is what works. Making technology simple for end-users to enjoy is not something that happens every time thus when I found WhoLinked I just thought about talking about it a bit to show people that sometimes less is more and simplicity rules! I am wondering though if you guys have thought about providing a next layer for the widget with something like 20 or 25 links as opposed to 10 as being the maximum. I am thinking that as time goes by and we get into the situation where a weblog may become more and more popular that lots more people would be linking to it. So having an extra layer of up to 25 links would certainly make WhoLinked ever much more interesting and meaningful for all. What do you think ?

    Either way, thanks again for the feedback comments and for dropping by ! (I am sure your wife would be all right after reading through this weblog post … And many others, too!)

  3. Hi Wendy ! Great post ! Thanks a lot for chiming in and for participating on the blog boost. I see that indeed you have already tried out the WhoLinked widget and I am not sure about yourself but I am finding it really useful specially in cases like this where I am new to your blog and I can already see who else is linking to yours in such a way that I am able to make a connection much much easier ! Very nice! Thanks for blogging about it and for helping spread the word.

    Regarding your last paragraph, yes, for the last couple of years I am living (and working remotely) in one of the Canary Islands and enjoying it every minute. I used to come over here on holidays and I like it just so much that I couldn’t resist coming to live and work over here. If you would want to see the main reason why take a look into my Flickr account for some pictures of the place I live in.

    Plazes is a superb widget that actually lets your colleagues, friends, family, whatever, know where you are, specially if you get to travel a lot commuting all over the place. That way, they know wherever you may be at a certain point in time, obviously as long as you take your notebook with you and have a live Internet connection. I have used it in the past and it is really good in doing what it promises: getting people together providing web presence. Highly recommended if you plan to travel a lot.

    Again, thanks for the feedback and for the boost!

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