Collaborative Web Tagging Workshop – Edinburgh – May 2006

3 thoughts on “Collaborative Web Tagging Workshop – Edinburgh – May 2006”

  1. Hi Luis!

    Thanks for your comments on my work. I’m here to add a few details about the workshop that will be held on monday at the WWW2006.

    One of the organizers is Frank Smadja from RawSugar (a wonderful social bookmarking tool adding hierarchical tagging to the model).

    Frank and Philipp Keller will present a talk on ‘Automated Tag Clustering: Improving search and exploration in the tag space’.

    Frank told me that near real time blogging on the workshop will be posted on the wiki at

    Stay tuned!

  2. Hi Emanuele !

    Thanks very much for the feedback comments and for dropping by ! Welcome ! This is really good stuff ! I shall certainly look forward to catching up on the event through the Wiki. I am sure there would be plenty of really good conversations worth while going through and getting involved with ! Just brilliant ! Thanks for the headsup.

    Oh, also, thanks for the great tip on RawSugar. It surely looks like an interesting service / offering worth while investigating. I may have a look into it and then report my findings at some point. I have been a big fan of BlinkList all along thus we shall see how that goes.

    Again thanks much for all of the feedback comments and will speak to you soon!

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