Light Weblogging – Where Was I ?

5 thoughts on “Light Weblogging – Where Was I ?”

  1. Hello Andy and welcome to elsua ! Thanks much for the kind comments and for dropping by. Certainly, this year is going to be an interesting year and to get us started very shortly I will be making a little announcement here in my weblog about what I will be up to during the course of the next few months and which I am very excited about. But first things first. Still catching up with all e-mail, RSS Newsfeeds, different web sites I follow up, etc. etc. And I am almost done. Almost 😉

    Take care and thanks again for the headsup ! Oh, and I am glad to see you have continued to weblog externally in 2006, too ! Way to go !

  2. Hey, Julio César ! Welcome to elsua ! And thanks for dropping by ! Certainly, my weblogging will continue now that I am back home with a more stable live Internet connection. I just wish other places I do get to visit would have the same kind of facilities to get connected. I guess not every single place is as online as we would have thought. Anyway, little by little by weblogging for 2006 will start to grab some more momentum as I get done with the final catch up that I have mentioned above already.

    Thanks a lot for the comments regarding the pictures ! Indeed, those are some of my favourites, too, but stay tuned because the ones from the next few weeks are just going to be really nice as well since we have been getting lots of rain and everything is wonderfully green, inland included. And believe me some of the different places I will be checking out and weblogging about are just truly spectacular ! Thus let the weblogging continue once again !

    Oh, by the way, I am happy to see as well that you have managed to get started with an Internet weblog. I have got it already added into my RSS newsfeeds and will be following along your thoughts. Welcome and keep having fun !

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