RSS2PDF – Increasing the Availability of Your RSS Feeds

4 thoughts on “RSS2PDF – Increasing the Availability of Your RSS Feeds”

  1. Hello Tom and welcome to elsua ! Thanks very much for dropping by and for the feedback comments ! Indeed, you are right, it is still a Beta service but nevertheless I have thoroughly enjoyed using the application and so far I haven’t noticed any single major problem with it. I am a happy user of RSS2PDF and will continue to use it further as it progresses into the next level of functionality. Keep up the good work and share with us whatever info that may be relevant whenever it becomes available. Thanks again for the feedback and keep up the good work !

  2. Hi Paul! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the feedback comments! Welcome to elsua! What an interesting offering, indeed! Thanks a lot for sharing it with us. It surely does show some interesting perspectives on how you can syndicate content for a number of feeds and work with through some popular formats, i.e. .PDF. I particular find it interesting from the perspective of providing offline feed syndication and being able to work with your top favourite feeds regardless where you may be, whether you are connected or not. Incredibly helpful, for certain!

    I agree with you 100% and it makes RSS and Atom feeds consumption a whole lot easier and closer to those non-technical folks, which, I guess, is always a good thing. Thanks a bunch for the feedback!

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