A Safe Browser? No Longer in the Lexicon

2 thoughts on “A Safe Browser? No Longer in the Lexicon”

  1. The folks at Secunia are actually the ones that put most effort in finding holes in Opera lately. The issues they do find, however, are properly communicated to Opera, and Secunia is not in a hurry to get publicity for them, so we get the time to implement a proper fix.

    (note: I work for Opera)

  2. Hello Rijk and welcome to elsua! Thanks very much for your feedback comments and for the insights. Indeed, although I created this weblog post a few weeks back in my other weblog I decided to migrate it over here more than anything else to show Opera’s commitment towards improving the web browser whenever there is a new security risk coming out. And I must say that every time I have been more than pleased to find out that just as the security risk may come out you folks have already been working on the solution to the problem and therefore a new release is made available within hours ! That is just terrific ! That is just the level of commitment and involvement that we, Opera lovers, like so much about this web browser. Few others could compare with it and that is also one of the many reasons why I am still using Opera as my default web browser at both of my computers.

    Again, thanks a lot for the feedback and for dropping by ! Appreciated.

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