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Trusting People in This Social Age Is a Tough Job!

As a result of the article I put together over here in this blog a little while ago under the title ’The Home You Never Left’, and after a bit of a conversation going on in Twitter on the same topic, Anke Holst put together this rather helpful and very insightful piece[…]

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Friendships in the Connected Age: High Quantity AND Higher Quality – It’s All about Trust!

Tags: Steve Rubel, Stowe Boyd, Anne Truitt Zelenka, Matt Hodgson, Stephen Collins, Relationships, Connections, Friendships, Virtual Teams, Virtual Communities, Collaboration, Remote Collaboration, Knowledge Management, KM, Knowledge Sharing, Trust, Social Networks, Social Networking, Social Software, Social Computing, Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, Knowledge Worker, Web Worker, Communities, Innovation I am sure that[…]

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If You Are Serious about Social Computing Treat Your Customers The Way You Would Like to Be Treated – Trust and Respect!

Tags: Emmanuele Quintarelly, InfoSpaces, Social Media, Social Computing, Social Networking, Social Software, Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, Knowledge Management, KM, Knowledge Sharing, Collaboration, Trust, Rawsugar, Respect The last couple of days have actually been incredibly busy at work so have been spending little time catching up with RSS feeds. However, there[…]

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Expertise Locators on the Brain – Trusting the Experts

Last week Jack Vinson (I am glad, by the way, to see he is back weblogging again after his vacation) shared one of the most comprehensive weblog posts that I have read in a long while around the always exciting topic of expertise location where he is actually shifting away[…]

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