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RSS for Newbies

Gina Trapani has actually shared a link, via Lifehacker, to a very good resource that I am sure I would be making use of it quite often in my quest to help more people understand a bit more and adopt this so-called social software hype. Indeed, in RSS for newbies Gina actually points out to the following article: A non-technical explanation of RSS where you would be able to find one of the most comprehensive, easier to understand, articles on what RSS is all about and how to get started with it not only from the perspective of understanding some of the concepts in place but also by showing you a couple of tools or offerings you could use, both from an offline feed client perspective or from a web syndication offering perspective. Either way would work.

The good thing is that the authors of the article just put in very few sentences how to work successfully with RSS without having to worry too much about understanding the technical part, which I am sure for those folks who may not be familiar with it would be rather difficult to adopt and start making use of. Thus as we are starting to see how more and more web sites are actually syndicating their content, no longer restricted to weblogs alone, it is always good and refreshing that there are other resources out there who focus on easing out the user experience in order to make those knowledge worker much more comfortable when having to make use of such relatively new technologies.

Thus kudos to the folks from of Zen and Computing for putting together such a short, straight to the point and effective article what RSS and web syndication is all about. Its simplicity in explaining it all about syndication surely reminds me as well of RSS Newsniche, one of those resources that everyone should take a look at if they would want people to comprehend simple key terms related to social software offerings like RSS, weblogging, etc. etc. but without having to worry about all the potential technicalities. A keeper for sure.

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IBM Collaboration Best Practices Conference – Somers, NY – July 2006

Some time ago I mentioned how I was actually going to attend the IBM Professional Technical Leadership Exchange, taking place in Madrid, to give a presentation on one of my favourite topics regarding Knowledge Management: Personal Knowledge Management. Well, this time around I am actually going to the US, Somers, NY, to provide another presentation around that very same subject: Personal KM, next week Monday, from the 10th till the 12th to an IBM internal audience. I will actually be arriving at the Hilton Garden Inn Danbury this coming Friday and will actually be leaving next week Thursday.

As I said, I will be talking again about Personal Knowledge Management and, amongst other things, I will actually be talking about the key role of communities in helping augment the knowledge sharing and collaboration of knowledge workers by making use of different personal KM tools, like weblogs, wikis, social bookmarks, tagging (And folksonomies), IM/VoIP, podcasts, etc. etc. So at the same time that I will be talking about the importance of tacit knowledge, next to explicit knowledge, something that I have already talked about over here a couple of times already, I will be touching base on some of the different KM and Collaboration tools that IBM has been making use of thus far, mainly though those tools related to social software and the so-called Web 2.0:

I will be presenting next week Tuesday. However, and like I have just mentioned, I will be in Danbury from this coming Friday, so if you would want to meet up for a couple of drinks and a chat feel free to append a comment over here or contact me offline. It would be great if I would be able to meet up some of the folks who I have been interacting with here in elsua or out there in the Blogosphere. Thus if you are going to be around, let me know !

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Feedo Style – Free Syndication for Your Weblog

Some time ago you would remember how I actually created a weblog post on a service I am quite enjoying at the moment to get the content from both of my Internet weblogs (And, as a result, also from my Intranet weblog, too) to talk to one another through web syndication: Feeddigest – Making Your Feeds Fabulous. With Feeddigest I no longer need to create double posts for both weblogs, they just talk to one another and you can see that directly in the weblog template from elsua. However, there is a new offering out there that just came available and which I think is going to provide some really nice functionality along those same lines. It is called Feedo Style and you can find it over here.

If you are interested in how it actually works Techcrunch has got an interesting, worth while reading, review of it with which I would probably not need to add anything else at this point in time. Perhaps a quick summary to indicate how Feedo Style allows you to syndicate any kind of web site, including weblogs, directly into your own web site, or weblog, and using the same fancy format as news stickers, which could certainly help you spice up your weblog template by sharing the feeds from your favourite blogroll links you may be having at the moment and let the world know what you are reading in a very powerful way.

Bill Ives, just this morning, was commenting how useful such an offering could well be for spreading the word around directly from your own weblog about the resources you case about and he was wondering what kind of use he could be making of such tool and right away I thought about something that would be worth while mentioning. At least, for me. And it is working quite nicely.

Two of the Knowledge Management feeds that I am subscribed to, and perhaps worth while mentioning as part of the KM Awareness resources, are Planet KM and the group feed from Knowledge Management in Blogdigger. Both feeds will provide you with a whole bunch of single KM feeds from various weblogs, including both of my Internet weblogs, and all of that integrated into a single RSS newsfeed that you can subscribe to and get all of that content in a single place, instead of having to subscribe to multiple places. Pretty interesting and very easy to follow up on.

And now, perhaps, even better. Because I have gone into Feedo Style and have created two single entries for both of them: one for Planet KM and the other one for Blogdigger’s Knowledge Management and have created a couple of dynamic news stickers, already available in elsua‘s weblog template (On the right column and just underneath the Flickr badge), from where you can read the contents of both of those feeds without even having to subscribe to them. At the same time if you would want to check out what else people are talking about regarding KM out there in the Blogosphere it would be a good place to get you started with as well.

So far, and during all this time that I have been having those up and running, I have enjoyed the experience of just checking out my weblog for whatever the comments that people may have left or while just preparing another weblog posts, and at the same time I get to see what everyone else has been weblogging about so far. Pretty nice and quite impressive if you would want to stay in touch with some of what has been mentioned lately about KM out there in the Blogosphere. I think that Feedo Style is one of those tools that I am surely going to enjoy quite a bit, pretty much like Feeddigest, thus I can certainly recommend it to other folks who would want to link their web sites to others through web syndication and rather painless. It took me a bit under 5 minutes to set up both news stickers and it all worked like a charm. Worth while a try for sure !

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RSS – Crossing into the Mainstream

Some time ago I created a weblog post where I was mentioning how RSS (Really Simple Syndication) was no longer meant just for webloggers. Back then you would have probably thought that RSS and web syndication had made some good progress into becoming mainstream. However, things may not have moved that quickly just yet. At least, that is the initial impression you would get after you take a look into the following white paper: RSS — Crossing into the Mainstream, available over Joshua Grossnickle’s weblog.

Indeed, it looks like although a very useful technology to keep up to date with multiple web resources it still needs to catch up further with the big majority of Internet users. Here you have got a screen shot with some of its key findings:

As you can see from there it looks like we still have got plenty of ground to cover but one thing that would seem to be a key success factor would be the simplicity and ease of use of the technology to make it through into the mainstream. Most end-users would not really be bothered about wanting to use RSS feeds in order to have access to the information. What they would certainly like to have is a simple way of keeping up to date with their favourite resources and all of that from a single point of entry. And that is mainly what web syndication should be about. Just access to information. Pure and simple. And forget about all the different complexities. Thus it would be interesting to see how things would develop further into facilitating the faster adoption of syndication for Web resources.

Either way a very interesting read that I highly recommend to all those folks who may want to have a look into what is happening around the world of RSS. You can download the white paper from the following URL: RSS — Crossing into the Mainstream.

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IBM Syndicated XML Feeds

Over the weekend I received an e-mail from someone who wanted to know if IBM had jumped into the Web Syndication bandwagon and started implementing RSS Newsfeeds in the different ibm.com external web sites. And after having replied to that e-mail I thought I would also share over here a couple of lines on the subject.

Yes, indeed, IBM has embraced Web Syndication for some time now and throughout the different ibm.com web sites you will find quite a few that are RSS enabled. Since I know it would be a bit too difficult to go through each of them to start subscribing to the ones that may interest you the most, I just thought you folks should be aware of this particular URL: IBM Syndicated XML Feeds, where you will find a comprehensive and extensive index of the different feeds currently available.

You will notice there that there are different categories, describing briefly each of the different feeds but also including the RSS feed so that if you are interested in adding them to your favourite feeds you would be able to do so right away. Thus go and have a look and see which ones you would think would be worth while subscribing to.

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Killer Buzz Flocks to New Browser

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

I have meant to create a weblog post back when I was first exposed to a Wired news article, but I thought I would delay it a little bit hoping that it would be in perfect timing with the release of a new web browser. But it looks like it is going to take some more time before that may happen so I thought I would go ahead, create the weblog post, give you a little taste of what is coming and then wait for an upcoming launch of, what some have already mentioned, the best web browsing experience there is out there on the Internet, specially for those power web browser end-users who are very much into Web 2.0.

The news article itself from Wired is titled Killer Buzz Flocks to New Browser and it basically comes to talk about Flock, an open source browser that supposingly will go live in early October. I am certainly looking forward to trying out this new web browser, more than anything else because of all the hype there is going on about it from the perspective where it has been flagged as a “social browser”, something that you obviously don’t get to see every day.

I will be looking forward for its integration features with other social computing offerings like Flickr, Technorati and del.icio.us since we may be actually witnessing a new much more creative and interactive way of browsing around the Internet, and, what is most important, we may end up using a browser that will help people connect with one another much easier in such a way that group collaboration on the Web will take another meaning. Lots of great things have been said about it, about how it will be helping out give web browsing a lot more collaborative power than what we are used to with the current offerings. But so far the only thing we can do is to head over to the Flock and sign up with your e-mail address and hope you will be one of the lucky winners who may have the opportunity to try it out first before everybody else does.

Either way, if it does bring together all of the different social computing features that have been mentioned all over the place I think we are off to some some really good fun on the Web by allowing us, end-users, to collaborate and share information with others in a much more powerful way than ever before, even than when working with traditional desktop software. If you want to go for a good read on what is behind Flock just check out this weblog post at Techcrunch: Flock – Social Browsing is Cool. I bet you can’t wait for it long enough, can you ? Neither can I.

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