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Did You Know? On Convergence and Technology

Gran Canaria - Roque NubloI am sure you would still remember that blog post I put together not long ago where I mentioned an interesting YouTube video that was making the rounds under the title Social Media Revolution (See "Welcome to the World of Socialnomics") and which I thought was coming pretty close to that series of Did You Know? videos that I mentioned over here as well a couple of times already. Well, it looks like there are some good news out there on this very same topic.

Yesterday, while I was immersing myself back into my Twitville, now that I have found a method on how I can continue using Twitter as one of my Personal Knowledge Management tools, I bumped into what seems to be the latest take from the Did You Know? series of videos. Already on version #4. You can go and check it out by clicking on the direct link over here, or, alternatively, see the embedded version below:

As ever, this updated episode, from just a couple of days ago, is as provocative as you can imagine, with regards to our own use of social software tools out there on the Internet. The video clip lasts for 4:45 minutes and I can certainly recommend you to take a look and go through it. Lots and lots of new, fresh data, that will help confirm, once again, how there is no way back; how we are far too much immersed in our overall efforts of embracing this new set of social tools that make up the Social Web. Our Web.

The main overall theme from the Did You Know 4.0 video is eventually convergence. And what I really enjoyed this time around was how all of the new data presented has got a context, a success story, that rather we can relate to, or we may have been exposed to all over the place. This time around, there are plenty of snippets, and golden nuggets, throughout the video that will not only make you just go WOW!, but also go more along the lines of "Yeah, I was there!" Or, "Yeah, I saw / experienced that! Did you?" Just brilliant!

Like I said, if you have got 4:45 minutes don’t let it pass by just like that. Watch the video and enjoy going through a new reality. A reality we are all part of. A reality that, whether we like it or not, is starting to shape, in a big way, the way the world operates. And social software is right in the center of it! Yes, this is the kind of video clip that we can show to all of those skeptics who still think that Web 2.0 and Social Computing is a fad… Really? Well, maybe not … Judge for yourself.

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