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Enterprise 2.0 Conference – What to Expect – Day 2

Phew! What a rush from the last couple of days! Between work related stuff, as well as trying to finalise all of the details and make progress on the upcoming Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston starting on June 22nd, I didn’t have a chance to blog much. So hectic the last two days that I didn’t have an opportunity to put together the remaining parts of the agenda of what I will be doing for Day 2 and Day 3 of the event itself.

Well, I am going to take that opportunity now, as I am on my way to Boston through Madrid and then Philadelphia and I have got a long flight ahead of me from MAD to PHI alone. Thus without much further ado, and thinking about continuing with the series of blog posts I started this agenda drop down of the event, here are the details of what I will be up to for Day 2. And, in an upcoming blog post, I will put together the much shorter one for Day 3. Here it goes:

  • Applying the Social Dimension to the Lockheed Martin Mission #e2conf13 with Andy McAfee as the moderator and with Christopher Keohane and Shawn Dahlen as speakers. This is one session I’m really looking forward to, because, apart from being moderated by the one and only, the always inspiring Andy McAfee, I am keen on finding out what Lockheed Martin has been doing since last year where their presentation was one of the biggest hits of the event! So the expectations are very high on this one! We shall see…
  • The Future of Social Messaging in the Enterprise #e2conf14 with Irwin Lazar as moderator and a whole bunch of speakers that I am not sure whether they would have plenty of time to share their insights. Either way, great line-up is probably the word that comes to mind with folks like Al Literati, Dan York, David Marshak, Fernando Egea, Laura Fitton, Mike Gotta and Tim Young.
    Reason why I’m interested in this particular session on Enterprise Microsharing is because I am keen on finding out plenty more what folks are doing around the subjects of security, governance and compliance with this new model of engagement that seems to escape all of that and so much more! Would be interesting to find out what vendors are doing in this space, although I think I know what one of them is doing already … hehe
  • Does Social Media and Marketing Matter? #e2conf15 with Peter Kim, as moderator, and with Ben Foster, Greg Matthews and Morgan Johnston as the speakers. As you would be able to see the main reason why I’m attracted to this session, apart from listing to the always insightful Peter Kim, is to see how both worlds collide, or perhaps overlap. Who knows… I am talking about the Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 space. Are they similar? Do they step into each other’s toes? Can they co-exist? Should companies help promote both aspects? Lots of questions to be looking forward to!
  • Launch Pad 2009 #e2conf16 with Stowe Boyd; This particular event on the agenda should be plenty of good fun, specially since one of my favourites is in the Final 4! Yes, indeed, over the last few weeks a good number of candidates have been competing to win the Launch Pad 2009 contest and during this time slot in the agenda we will see who is the final winner or not. For now, just one single word: watch out! for Manymoon, because it will surely make folks drool all over the place. If you are interested, find out plenty more on what each has got to say over at Enterprise 2.0 Launch Pad Web site.
  • Enterprise2Open Introductions #2open – This one would be the kick-off from another one of the big hits from last year; the "unconference"of Enterprise 2.0. I’m surely going to try to make it to several of the "unsessions" that will be taking place during the day, since the whole "unevent" will be hosted by three of the folks in the area of Enterprise 2.0 that I admire and have a lot of respect for throughout the years: Brian Magierski, Ross Mayfield and Susan Scrupski.
  • Networked: How the 2.0 Enterprise Makes Itself Transparent, Participatory, and
    Collaborative #e2conf40
    with Jeffrey Stamps and Jessica Lipnack. I am sure you may be wondering why I would be interested in this particular session, right? Well, apart from the fact that Jessica will be one of the speakers (She is one of the folks I have been following for a while as well that has been a pioneer in the area of virtual collaboration, way before people started thinking about it!), also the fact that for someone who has been advocating more openness, transparency and more public interactions as part of his new mantra of living "A World Without Email" there is no way I can skip this one… Yes, I want to continue walking the talk! heh
  • Community & Social Network Sites: Think Adoption, Not Deployment #e2conf27 with Mike Gotta as the moderator and then with Dan McCall, Erik Johnson and Kishan Mallur as the speakers. Reason why I would want to attend this one? Well, I have been doing community building program through multiple business units, since as early as 2001 and I guess I haven’t got escape on this one either. However, here is another reason why I am interested on this session; all along I have been saying that communities are the major drivers of social software adoption both inside and outside of the corporation and I am rather interested in finding out how this session continues to confirm that insight. Or perhaps not…
  • Privacy, Data Ownership and Identity in an Increasingly Social World #e2conf39 with Irwin Lazar as moderator and with Kailash Ambwami, Many Gill and Sam Curry as the speakers. One of the key areas within Enterprise 2.0 that’s grabbing my attention more and more by the day at the moment is actually privacy, as well as identity, specially over here in Europe where privacy laws are a completely different beast on its own, you end up having a fascinating debate with a no easy solution to suit everyone. And if you add there, on to the mix, Data Ownership… WOW! Loaded topic! Looking forward to it!
    (Oh, by the way, If you have been involved with Social Networking sites and the various implications behind privacy and identity, I would love to know some more from you… Drop a couple of lines in this post or reach out to me to talk some more. Eager to find out plenty more! Thanks!)

Phew! That’s it! Quite an agenda for Day 2, indeed! Hope you will forgive me for explaining perhaps a bit more than what I should have on my motivation to try to make it through this agenda on Day 2 of the event, but I guess when you are stuck in a plane for over 8 hours you have a tendency to write more than what you probably needed in the first place. And I think this is what just happened with this blog post 🙂

(Later on in the evening the fun will continue, of course, having already been booked for two different meet-ups where I hope to take social networking into the extreme. Back where it should belong all along. Face to Face social networking FTW!!! … And starting to sense it’s going to be a long long week of sleepless nights! Think I’ll need to take a vacation when I come back, just to be able to digest all of the stuff I’m really looking for getting exposed to!

Blog post drafted on Saturday 20th, which was then posted on Sunday 21st after a 12 non stop sleep…)

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