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Enterprise 2.0 Conference – What to Expect – The Pre-Event

Continuing further with that series of blog posts I mentioned yesterday I would be sharing during the course of this week on the upcoming Enterprise 2.0 event taking place in Boston next week, here is the first of a couple of entries where I will be covering briefly the actual agenda of the event and, perhaps much more interestingly, what you may expect from each of the sessions per day. And, in this case, I will also be blogging about each of the sessions I will be attending myself based on those expectations.

So, instead of putting together a massively long post, I’m just about to start a bunch of shorter ones, detailing what my current planning for the event would be like starting with next week Monday, the pre-event day itself, if you allow me to call it like that, and that way you can see what is driving my interests at the moment (Specially in the areas of Social Computing, Knowledge Sharing, Learning, Collaboration, Communities and, of course, Enterprise 2.0), as well as providing some insights on what you may expect, just like me, from the event of events! Thus let’s get the ball rolling!

Implementing Enterprise 2.0: Exploring the Tools and Techniques of Emergent Change #e2conf1 (With Dion Hinchcliffe)

The pre-event day is always the one about workshops; perhaps one of the most interactive days and, as such, I am sure this year is not going to be any different. And this specific one is the one I plan to attend during the course of the morning. As usual, it will be hosted by my good friend, the always insightful and resourceful, Dion Hinchcliffe, who will be sharing with us "an in-depth overview of the state of Enterprise 2.0 from grassroots, emergent collaboration to large-scale social media strategy".

He usually does this session every year before the event really gets started and, to be honest, for those folks who may not have been exposed to Enterprise 2.0 just yet, or for those folks who would want to know what else is happening out there, it’s one of those workshops not to be missed! If not, check out the section on "You Will Learn" listed at the main agenda. Always plenty of new stuff to learn about, whether you are a primer into, or well versed in, social computing, you know it’ll be worth the time!

Reality 2.0: Getting Started With Enterprise Social Networking #e2conf4 (With Mike Gotta)

And this will be the second workshop of the day that I plan to attend, the one in the afternoon, and one that I have been looking forward to diving in plenty more, and for a while now, since Mike has already blogged about what he will be touching base on under "Enterprise 2.0 Conference, Social Networking Workshop" and it surely sounds like one workshop not to miss out on either!

I know, and have followed, Mike for several years now and I consider him to be part of the pool of some of most eloquent and amazingly talented industry analysts in the Enterprise 2.0 scene. And surely finding out plenty more about the recent study the Burton Group conducted around Social Networking will be the key highlight from the workshop itself. I am sure. Specially, if you read further on the section on "You Will Learn" that I am reproducing below:

  • "What are the critical issues confronting social networking project teams, and how organizations are responding to those challenges and opportunities
  • How project teams are dealing with the business case for enterprise social networking, including concerns over ROI and metrics
  • What cultural issues do social networking projects tend to surface, and how did organizations in the study address legal, HR, compliance and security considerations
  • What difficulties project teams will likely encounter as they try to convince employees to adopt social networking platforms (e.g., profiles), and what adoption tactics were used to jumpstart participation (e.g., expertise location, communities).
  • How interviewees felt their IT organizations were handling with the topic of social networking, along with high-level impressions from participants regarding their experiences with different tools (e.g., IBM Lotus Connections, Jive Software, and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server)"

Doesn’t it want to make you be there like today? It certainly does it for me! And that’s the reason why I am really looking forward to his workshop, as well as that one from Dion. I bet it’s going to be quite an amazing couple of workshops! And to top things further, at the end of the day, I will be participating in the first, of several, TweetUps! Yay! But that will be the topic for another blog post on the various networking activities I will be participating in and hanging out at… Like I said … There is just *so* much going on this year!

For now, though this is what I plan to do during Monday 22nd 2009, at the Enterprise 2.0 pre-event in Boston. But how about you? What will you be up to?

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  1. Great descriptions Luis. Both these are on my must-attend list as well. That and banging out some vendor discussions before Tuesday sessions.
    See you next week, Sameer

    1. Hi Sameer! Thanks for dropping by! Yes, sir! That’s what I think about both workshops and I surely hope to make it both of them. I already planned to be there the entire day, so we shall see how that goes. And on the vendor discussions I already got a couple of them piled up and ready to go 😉 hehe

      See ya online and see you “in the carbon” next week!

  2. Luis – I look forward to reading more about both of these workshops as they’re directly related to my work. While I am quite familiar with Dion, Mike hasn’t shown up on my radar screen as of yet. Regardless, the issues he will be addressing are near and dear to my heart. For instance, I’ve been struggling for nearly seven years to get employees to utilize profiles in what was originally considered our “expertise location” tool/service – AskMe. To characterize it as akin to pulling teeth fails to capture just how difficult it’s been. I’m quite interested in every bullet point you’ve reproduced here. Looking forward to your always insightful analysis.

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