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Seth Godin on the Tribes We Lead

Gran Canaria - Pozo de las NievesToday was my first time back into Twitville after nearly a two week break while I was re-thinking how I wanted to re-purpose my usage of microsharing, in this case, with Twitter, outside the firewall. And right away I got clear reminders as to why I will stick around making use of it as time goes by. Fourteen days ago I wasn’t really sure of it anymore. But then again, a few minutes back into it earlier on showed me that I am not ready just yet to give up on it altogether.

Main reason being? Well, mainly because of the inspiring and insightful community of folks I hang out with and also because of those wonderful serendipitous knowledge discoveries you get exposed to on a rather regular basis. Take the example of this blog post I am putting together right now, inspired by an earlier tweet from Ana Neves, who retweeted a link to one of those TED Talks that will surely change the way we view things not only at work, but also in our own personal lives… Yes, *that* kind of impact!

This is that kind of talk that everyone, whether you have got the time or not, that’s no longer an excuse, should watch! A must watch! A bit over 17 minutes of pure gold from the one and only: Seth Godin, who clearly ventures into sharing with us how we are not only witnessing but also living through some really important and crucial changes that will affect us all as much as our own society, regardless wherever you may come from, in whichever part of the world. And dealing with something that we already knew about around 50.000 years ago!

Yes, indeed, in "Seth Godin: Why tribes, not money or factories, will change the world" you will be able to watch Seth talking about the changes we are all experiencing not only within the corporate world, but also within ourselves as human beings explaining the concept of tribes and why they are going to rule the world as we know it from here onwards. He explains beautifully how we are experiencing a time of changes, changes where we challenge the status quo of things to turn them inside out for our benefit, i.e. the benefit of the tribe itself, resulting in helping us become better at what we do, whatever that may well be.

This is one of those incredible TED Talks you just can’t miss out. Not sure how you will do it, or what excuse you will need to come up with, but if you sense we are going through some changing times, for the better, this is one of those talks you will need to watch. I can tell you, it would inspire you tremendously; to the point where, if it doesn’t, I can assure you right here, right now, nothing else will. That’s how sure I am of the impact of Seth’s words in such session. Get ready, because here it comes:

There isn’t probably a much better way of getting started with your week at work than being inspired, don’t you think? So, are you ready to challenge the status quo? Are you ready to provoke a movement?

Let’s do it!

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  1. I watched all 17 minutes. That is one of the reasons for microblogging. Twitter to me acts as “votes” of people you know and trust (follow) about what is interesting. I came to this blog from an elsua tweet, read the digital legacy post and “stumbled upon” this Seth Godin piece. Twitter is the new stumble upon.

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