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Open Enterprise 2009 – Lee Bryant Interviewed by Stowe Boyd

Gran Canaria - Puerto de MoganAt the risk of starting to sound repetitive, I am going to be sharing with you folks another video interview I have been watching lately from the increasingly-by-the-day more interesting Open Enterprise 2.0 initiative that both Oliver Marks and Stowe Boyd have been working on for a few months now.

This time around I would like to point you to what, to date, has been one of my favourite interviews from the superb pool of great talent and thought leadership that has been shared throughout each and everyone of those interviews. Thus, without much further ado, head over to the Enterprise 2.0 Blog and check out Open Enterprise 2009: Lee Bryant Interview.

In that particular interview, the always insightful and thought-provoking Stowe Boyd gets to spend some time with Lee Bryant (Co-founder of Headshift, and perhaps one of the smartest folks I know in the area of Enterprise 2.0), while they discuss the current state of things of Social Computing within the corporate world; covering topics like the current econolypse, the history and background from the Social Web that has brought us to where we are (Brilliant piece, by the way, to get some perspectives on where we are with things and a massive wakeup call for everyone out there who may still think this whole movement on social networking is all new and shiny. <beep> wrong assumption).

From there onwards both Lee and Stowe get to talk about one of my favourite topics all along: Return on Investment for Social Software with some rather interesting and provocative conclusions I will suggest you take a look at and have a listen. It won’t disappoint you, to say the least; then they end up talking about perhaps the biggest force behind Enterprise 2.0 at the moment: Change Management and Culture. With a twist!

I know I could talk quite a bit on this very same topic to introduce the last piece of the interview, but I am not going to spoil it. I am just going to stop over here and suggest you have a good listen to a superb interview. You will find far too many precious gems shared in the last part of the interview to mention and cover them over here. For sure.

I bet you may be wondering though what I liked the most from the overall conversation, right? Well, as a teaser, I would go ahead and share with your folks how Lee’s thoughts on the big challenges for Enterprise 2.0 are just exactly what I am trying to do myself with living “A World Without Email“. That’s how far I will go into that area for now 😉 heh …

Who would have thought about that, eh? Like I said, here is the embedded version of another priceless interview by Stowe, with Lee as the special guest:

Oh, and in case you may not know, the wonderful folks of Headshift are one of the fine sponsors, and active participants, from the great SOMESSO event that will kick off next month, May 15th. Will you be there? If so, let us know how it goes. Share your two cents through live tweeting, or live con-blogging, so that we can all benefit from it and learn plenty more from the outstanding lineup of speakers who will be there. Don’t miss it! 🙂

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