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Future of Social Networks by Charlene Li

Gran Canaria - Puerto de MoganIn the current business environment where plenty of enterprises are still trying to figure out whether Social Computing would make sense for them, for their customers and / or their business partners, there are sometimes visionaries so insightful, and thought-provoking, as Charlene Li (Co-author of the wonderful and indispensable Groundswell), who venture into sharing with us what will be happening in the near future in the space of social networking.

A refreshing wind of changes that I find quite rewarding to bump into every so often to help us all understand where we are heading with these new rules of engagement, knowledge sharing and collaboration in the corporate world, based on nurturing business relationships and their corresponding connections.

So before we would all get started with our weekend, I thought I would share with you the recent presentation that Charlene did at the always inspiring SXSW conference in Austin under the title "Future of Social Networks". You would be able to watch it over at Slideshare or, instead, flip through the charts on the embedded version shared below:

Plenty of food for thought, don’t you think? Specially with amazingly provocative conclusion statements as this one, aimed, probably, at those businesses who still question the validity, value add and business value from social networking in the enterprise:

"Open networks will be the new norm, so consider how you will open your business"

Have a good one everyone!

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