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Connected Collaboration by Alan Lepofsky

Gran Canaria - On the Way to FatagaIt looks like this week I have been blogging about plenty of content with visuals, and it surely seems to have sparked plenty interest; so, to that extent, I am going to finish up the week sharing with you folks another presentation I have bumped into, which, to date, is probably one of the most comprehensive, easy to digest, straight to the point, compelling, educational, inspirational, thought-provoking and engaging that I have seen in a while. So much so that I run out of words to describe it.

It was shared in Slideshare by my good friend Alan Lepofsky, former IBM colleague, now with Director of Marketing at Socialtext, a couple of months ago, and it is one of those presentations whose incredibly accurate value is going to remain valid for a long while. Why? Because, in most cases, it is self-explanatory; there would be very little I would need to add, in order to understand the concept of true collaboration and the power of social software within the enterprise. And if not, have a look into Connected Collaboration and you will see what I mean…

Great job, Alan! Many many thanks for making our job(s) easier! 🙂

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