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Information Management and Knowledge Management by John Bordeaux

Gran Canaria - Las Canteras Beach - Las Palmas de Gran CanariaAnd since it looks like I am on a roll, now that I have returned back home from a long business trip to the US and Madrid and have spent most of the day today on a massively intense catchup with everything that has been happening since I left, I thought I would share with you another presentation which I am sure you are going to enjoy quite a bit. In fact, I am sure it is going to make you think twice about things, specially if you have got an Information Management or Knowledge Management backgrounds.

The wonderfully provocative presentation is also in Slideshare; it was put together by John Bordeaux, one of the smartest talents and thought leaders in the Knowledge Management space that I have been following for a little while now and whose blog I can certainly recommend to anyone out there interested in the topic of KM or Knowledge Sharing, whatever you would want to call it.

A little while ago he put together What I Did and in it you would find a rather inspiring approach towards what most folks feel has gone through a certain death over the last couple of years: KM itself. Like I said, this is one of those decks that will change your point of view on some of the key elements behind it all. Have a look and you will see:

Oh and if after going through that particular slide deck, it hasn’t changed many of your views on what is traditionally known as Knowledge Management, then let me point you to a recent article he put together in his blog and which has got so much food for thought on it on this very same topic, that I will defer to an upcoming post to chew further some more on it. I tell you. It will totally be worth your time. Head over and read Back to First Principles for Knowledge Management

I told you, it would make you think! (Thanks ever so much, John, for the inspiration!)

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