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Giving up on Work e-mail – Status Report on Week 37 (Thinking Outside the Inbox – Extended Version)

First day back at work at the home office and you can imagine that things have been incredibly hectic throughout the whole day! After a superb week at the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin, it is now time to reflect further on what I have learned during the event, what folks I have met during that time (Including some really good and inspirational conversations!) and comment further sharing some of the highlights of what happened during the event itself. One of the best weeks I have had in a long time ever since I got started with this travelling spree, over nine months ago!

This is going to be the first of a series of blog posts, perhaps this one being the shortest one, where I will be sharing with you all some of those highlights of what happened every day while I was attending the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin. The rest of the series would be much more in detail, thus a bit longer, sharing with you some additional thoughts apart from the live tweeting I did all along.

However, to get things started, I am going to begin where I left things back at the beginning of last week and I will continue with the weekly progress report of my new reality of giving up e-mail at work and then share with you some interesting tidbits that I am sure will help provide some further insights on detailing what the experiment has been like.

But, let’s get started first with the weekly report itself. This time around for week 37 and with this result you can see below:

As you would be able to see, and even though I was gone for most of the week and without the opportunity to be connected to the IBM internal network (More on that later on!), the results are back again to normal. Going down again for a total of 24 incoming e-mails! (Getting closer, once again, to the under 20 new challenge!).

For the rest, there isn’t much more that I would need to share on. Just the usual week where things have gone back to normal. However, the interesting thing is that, while I was in Berlin I had the opportunity to get a couple of interviews done detailing some more what my experiences have been around the topic of "Thinking Outside the Inbox".

Most of you folks already know how I was one of the keynote speakers on Thursday 23rd, where I explained, during the course of 14 minutes, what it is like living without corporate e-mail. I know, quite an experience! Well, while I am trying to get my hands on the recording of the session I thought I would let you know about one of the interviews, which is already up and running, and which is an extensive version of the 14 minutes I did at the keynote.

It was actually a video interview with the folks behind WE_Magazine: Ulrike Reinhard, Björn Bauer & Dominic Wind. Initially planned for about 30 minutes, we went a bit over that and recorded a 43 minute interview where Ulrike and Dominic asked some very interesting questions about why I got started with this new motto of mine of no more corporate e-mail, what the end-results have been, and, finally, detailing some of the overall experiences behind it as well as finding out some of my main sources of inspiration.

I must say that it was one of the most comfortable interviews I have ever done. Very relaxed, informal, engaging, thoughtful as well as insightful and the final production of that interview is this one:

At the same time, I am going to keep it short on this one, since the interview is rather lengthy on its own, but, just in case you may not have noticed, Ulrike, Björn & Dominic have been doing some really good work over at We_Magazine and you could check out the lovely interviews they did as well, while at the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin, to Suw Charman-Anderson (The burden of e-mail) and Stowe Boyd (Stowe Boyd and "WE"). Lots and lots of meat and plenty of food for thought in both of them!

Finally, I just wouldn’t want to finish up this blog post without giving a special thanks! to Tina Kulow for helping arrange this particular interview as well as the other two which I hope to be able to blog about as well some time during the course of this week, as they become available online.

Hope you enjoy watching through it, just as much as I did talking to incredibly smart folks like Ulrike, Björn and Dominic! Thanks ever so much, folks! Till next time!

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