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See the Light – Thinking Outside the Inbox (The Video)

If you would remember, a couple of months ago I was invited to go to Germany and participate in a road show through various IBM sites scattered all over the country where a bunch of fellow colleagues, and good friends, and myself spend a number of hours providing an extensive overview of what Social Computing within the Enterprise was all about, then we touched based on some of the various Enterprise social software tools available out there and we rounded it all up with a session touching base on my new mantra of giving up on e-mail.

Yes, I am talking about the See the Light – Thinking Outside the Inbox road show I did with folks like Martti Garden, Matthias Zastrow, Swantje Schulze, Rene Werth and my good friend Ralph Demuth. Well, after some time I have now finally been able to put together something very much related to that road show that I thought most folks over here would find interesting and relevant, specially if you have been following my new reality of not using corporate e-mail over the last few months.

Back then I mentioned how we would eventually try to record one of the presentations I did on the topic of "Thinking Outside the Inbox" and then share it with everyone else. Well, we did! We managed to successfully record it in Düsseldorf and it was probably one of the best presentations I have delivered on the topic, at least, till then. It was recorded from my Nokia N95 (Boy, do I love that device or what? The quality of the recording audio and video is just outstanding!!) by Martti Garden and so far it has been one of the most extensive sessions I have done as well on the topic.

So, in it you will see me covering the background of why I got started with this, what it has been like, the kind of implications I have been exposed to on a daily basis, what social software tools I use on a regular basis to escape e-mail, and, most importantly, how you yourself can get things going as well to re-purpose the way you process work related e-mails. In short, I cover all of the stuff I have written about over here, but perhaps a bit more from the perspective on how it is all down to changing one’s habits as far as sharing knowledge and collaboration is concerned.

The video lasts for a little bit over 40 minutes, so I better stop right now and point you to it. It took me a while to find a video sharing site that would host such a large file, but in the end Vimeo seems to be doing the job quite nicely. So here it is:

See the Light – Thinking Outside the Inbox from Luis Suarez on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoy watching it, just as much as we did putting it together and making it available to everyone out there! And from here just a BIG and special THANKS!!! to Martti (Who patiently recorded the whole thing without a single glitch. I can imagine his arm & hand must have hurt for quite a bit after it was all done!), Matthias, Swanje, Rene and Ralph for all of the hard work they went through to put together such an amazing road show and for inviting me to take part of it as your special guest! You made me feel that way! Thanks much!!! 😀

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  1. Thanks for the video, it was quite interesting and I have to think about the difference between email and “notification email” if it really save me some work or what is the difference between them.
    As far as I agree with the sharing theory I’m not sure that stopping the emails help me with the rest of my work, maybe the benefit of collaboration technologies is in the possibility that someone else will take it before me?

  2. excellent video, Luis. the part i liked the most was that you cannot hide on the social platform. This could bring about a far more transparent way of working, which is also probably why this would also be resisted in a lot of organizations.

    More commendable is the way you have been able to do this … in IBM … considering the part of IBM i know! 🙂

    Cheer,s Atul.

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