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“Grow Your Wiki” Grows into Specialist Consultancy

Big, big news today! Specially for those folks out there interested in wikis and adopting wikis within the enterprise. I am sure that by now you may have read about them, since a couple of folks have already blogged about the massive announcement, but, nevertheless, just in case you may have missed it, I will share a couple of lines on it over here. Stewart Mader, author of the superb Grow Your Wiki, is going solo & starting his own consultancy business around organizational wiki adoption. Wooo-hooo!

Congratulations, Stewart!!! Way to go!!

In case you don’t know much about Stewart, which I doubt, since he is a very prolific blogger, incredibly engaging speaker, writer of one of the most essential books on wikis and corporate wiki adoption: Wikipatterns, active twitterer, too (On top of various other social networking sites!), I can honestly say that you are missing out on one of the smartest talents within the Enterprise 2.0 space we have nowadays.

I had the great opportunity of finally meeting him up in person in Varese, while presenting at the Enterprise 2.0 Forum in Italy, after a couple of years of interacting all over the place in various Social Computing spaces. And it surely was one of my highlights from the event! He is even much smarter in person & we enjoyed quite a few conversations for a couple of days, specially a very very interesting and enlightening one over a beer at the airport waiting for our flights back after two and a half days of being disconnected from the world. Yes, we survived the temptation, till the last minute, at least, of getting connected and kept talking! 🙂

Either way, if you haven’t subscribed to his blog, I can certainly recommend you do so, more than anything else because otherwise you are missing plenty of good quality materials like 21 Days of Wiki Adoption that I have blogged about over here a little while ago.

I am sure that Stewart will be doing just fine going solo with his wiki consultancy and I am very excited for him and for all of us, because we would be getting even much more exposure into some of the really good stuff that he would be doing much more often from now onwards, like the ESSENTIAL presentation itself that he did over at the Enterprise 2.0 Forum in Italy and which is just one of many where you can see what Stewart is up to: Grow Your Wiki. I tell you, if there would be a single presentation that you would want to watch around the topics and the kind of impact they are having within the corporate world, this would be it:

CONGRATULATIONS, once again, Stewart! Well done! 😀

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