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Trip to Lucerne, Switzerland, to Present at IBM Symposium 2008

As I am starting to put together a number of different blog posts sharing some of the highlights from the wonderful Enterprise 2.0 conference event that took place last week in Boston, MA, here I am, once again, on the road, and without hardly any time to breathe in between. Yes, that’s right! I am travelling again! Not even a full day back at home and today I am in Lucerne, Switzerland, for a day or so. Thus, as you can imagine, those highlights entries from the Enterprise 2.0 event will have to wait for a little while longer. But they will be coming around eventually. Not to worry. Along with a bunch of other draft blog posts that I will starting sharing once my travelling spree comes to an end, within the next few days…

So you may be wondering what I am up to in Lucerne, right? Well, a couple of months back, one of my fellow IBM colleagues, Nicole Gross, invited me to participate at the IBM Symposium 2008 event, which will take place during the course of tomorrow. As you would be able to check from the actual Web site, it surely is going to be a packed event and at around 11.10 am CET I will be speaking around the subject that has been keeping me occupied quite a bit during the last few months… Yes, indeed, I will be sharing my story on how I have now given up on e-mail, i.e. corporate e-mail, and use much more heavily social software tools in order to stay equally productive, if not more.

And just like I mentioned in a previous blog post, I have adapted that presentation theme and finalised it with the following title: See the Light – Thinking out of the Inbox.

Over the last four and a half months I have been working my way through escaping corporate e-mail and use social computing tools instead and so far it is looking very promising. I know I have got to blog the last couple of weeks with some of the latest reports and a few other links I have bumped into here and there, but if you have been checking out my Flickr account, you probably have seen already how things are going. But, not to worry, expect those blog posts coming up shortly, too, with some interesting links on the subject that I have bumped into while I have been on the road all this time!

Thus there you go. Tomorrow morning I will be at the IBM Symposium 2008 talking, once more, on the topic of "See the Light – Thinking out of the Inbox" and surprise, surprise, it will not be the last time this week that I will be talking on that very same topic, but in a different city, in a different country. But that would be the story for another blog post! For now, just a quick update on where I am going to spend the first part of this week and why you may need to wait for a little while longer before my regular blogging will resume again… Hang in there!

PS. Oh, and if you would want to meet up for a coffee or a drink, while I am in Lucerne to catch up with each other, get in touch! 😀

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  1. Not related to your Symposium, but you came up on a google search, and I have been trying really hard to find information about Lucerne.

    I am trying to find a local blog site, local newspaper, or other media for Lucerne Switzerland. I am trying to locate two travelers who shared an intense experience with me in January or February of 1974. The two traveler’s names were Christian and Nichol (that’s all I got), two women from Lucerne, probably close to my age of mid 50’s. Lately I have been deeply thinking of my travels when I was younger, and these two beautiful women were part of an experience where we traveled into the Ecuadorian jungle together. I met them hitch-hiking out of Los Banos on my way to Puyo. Their bus was full and they would have had to travel on the roof. The truck I was in had a canopy and extra room, and my first meeting with them was when they came to the tail gate of that truck. Thus began one part of my youthful odyssey with two lovely women from Lucerne, who were traveling alone, and where I never got a chance to say good bye when we separated in Quenca a month or two later. You see, it was my job to get the tickets to the border with Peru. We had talked of how much fun that trip was going to be. But after 12 months, I was out of money, $50 left, to get back to the states. That night, when they boarded the bus, I didn’t get on. I took the bus ahead of them to Guayaquil, then to the coast at La Libertad to spend a few days to decompress. I just couldn’t say goodbye, it just broke my heart. The pain of the separation lasted the entire three day bus trip. So, I never got a chance to say goodbye.

    The reason I am looking for them now is that of all my travels, from north american to south, from europe to north africa and the middle east (on my way to india), never was there any photo record of my journeys. These two women have the only picture of me that I know exists, sitting on the bank of a slow moving tributary of the amazon, waiting for the a local to come floating by in a dug out, pole in hand, to ask to cross to the other side, to where my friends were. I was eating raw peanuts as I recall. And if memory serves me, they had a camera and took my picture. And its my only record now of this time in my life, of what I looked like then, and of how I morphed physically and spiritually into the journey.

    So anyway, when you make it to Lucerne, words could not express the thanks, in advance of your help, if you could help me find my friends.

    Thanks in advance of your reply.

    Best Regards

    Vancouver Washington 98682

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