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Facebook Lessons Learned: #1 Don’t Get Too Excited!

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Yes, I know. It is Friday and the weekend is just around the corner, but do you want to see something really really funny? Want to find out what my first lesson learned in Facebook has been in the last couple of hours? You are going to love it, although I am not sure I would myself, but, hey, with the spirit of nearly getting started with the weekend, I thought I would share a number of lessons learned every now and then from the overall experience so that you get to see where I am coming from. And here is the first one.

You would remember how I mentioned yesterday that resistance was futile and how I was joining Facebook, right? Well, check this out:

Yes, that is right. That screen shot above is my first lesson learned while making use of Facebook. And that is, not to get too excited about it!, because you would end up facing the same situation like the one I am facing at the moment. I can no longer add new connections to my profile. Ouch!

The above message says that this is a temporary thing and I do surely hope so, because otherwise I would find it rather difficult to explain how can Scoble (Congrats to you and Maryam on Milan, by the way!!) have 5,000 connections and I am just on my 108th! Hummm.

I am sure that it probably has got to do with some kind of spam filter to protect the system, but I must say that when I saw it I was not too happy about it.

Either way, I knew I was joining the party late, so in all of the excitement of building up the profile and connecting with the various social networks I belong to from all over the place, I was not expecting to be faced with this. Thus my lesson learned for the day, while making extensive use of Facebook, is to go slow. That is right. Start slowly, but steadily, and build further up from there. Over time I am sure I would eventually get there in the end.

With all that said, and since I cannot add more friends for the time being, I am now exploring the good number of Facebook applications that my connections are making use of and picking up that final list I am going to go with to get things going. And so far I have noticed that there would be an immediate consequence from enjoying the experience quite a bit thus far from the various applications I have been exposed to: elsua.net. Very shortly it is going to go through some major makeover and whenever it is ready I will share a couple of thoughts of what will be happening and what I meant with consequences. 

For now, I am enjoying (Not!!!) my temporarily Facebook ban and hope to be back soon adding some more of my connections, because yes, the party is still on, and I don’t want to miss it! Would you?

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