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PodTech – Robert Scoble Interviews Drew Clark, Director of Strategy at IBM – “We Are not Your Father’s IBM!”

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This is some really good stuff, indeed! I am sure that by now you may have been able to check it out already (Since Scoble runs one of the most popular video shows there is out there!), but just in case you may not have just yet, let me share with you a couple of comments as to why it would be a good thing for folks out there to go through one of the latest interviews that Robert Scoble (Scobleizer) did with one of my fellow IBM colleagues: Drew Clark, co-founder of IBM Venture Capital and Director of Strategy at IBM.

This almost one hour long video cast with Drew and Robert would be something I can highly recommend if you would want to check out some of the various initiatives that IBM has been involved with over the last few months, or, alternatively, this would be one of those interviews that would certainly help shed some light as to why IBM seems to keep re-inventing itself over and over again, despite what some other folks may be saying 😉 heh

No, seriously, I have gone through the one hour interview myself and Drew has done an incredible job in describing some of what is going on inside IBM in various different areas touching base on hardware, software, services, etc. etc. The most relevant part of the interview though, for those of you who follow this weblog on a regular basis, I can imagine it would be from minute 30 onwards where Drew starts talking about how some of the latest emerging technologies: Zimbra, GMail -specially around the subject of outsourcing e-mail, Jajah, social networking, Facebook, LinkedIn, XING, Lotus Connections, corporate mashups, alphaWorks, QEDWiki, emerging markets within the mobile space, or mobile 2.0, in short, Enterprise 2.0 technologies, and very clearly indicates how they are shaping the collaboration and knowledge sharing landscapes within the corporate world and beyond, that we may all have been exposed to thus far.

Later on in the interview they both get to talk about other interesting social software tools like Twitter, Pownce or Jaiku (Micro-blogging, Web presence tools that help distributed knowledge workers keep in touch with each other and share bits and pieces of information that their own social networks may find interesting and relevant to help build further up their social capital skills. The bar now is set up at IM or higher, yes, that is right, no e-mail, no phone calls!) and what they would be like behind the corporate firewall. At this point in time, I just couldn’t help thinking about BlueTwit, IBM’s attempt towards bringing Twitter capabilities inside of the firewall (You can read / listen to some more about it over here, by the way, in case you may not have been exposed to it). Good stuff!

And from there onwards the interview got better and better, but instead of detailing some more about it, I am just going to leave you with a couple of quotes from Drew that I am sure would make you think for a bit and perhaps tease you some more into going through the entire interview itself:

"[It is all about] Understanding the value of the Web as a platform … as a service delivery platform". [Starting to leverage the Web up to such potential, delivering Web technologies sooner] […] "It is all about delivering value".

[…] "We need to be able to evolve … with the world. We are still here"

"We Are not Your Father’s IBM"

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