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Enterprise 2.0 Conference Event – Making the Shift to Enterprise 2.0 – Want to Go? Here Is How

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If you have been a long time reader from this particular weblog, you could probably remember how I was lamenting the fact that last year I missed what was probably the event of events regarding social computing and social media, both from a consumer and from a corporate perspective. Yes, indeed, at the time it was the Collaboration Technologies conference. This year it has actually been renamed to Enterprise 2.0 – The Collaboration Technologies Conference – Make the Shift to Enterprise 2.0.

And again, like last year, and due to a good number of different circumstances, that I may be able to relate at some stage, I am not going to be able to make it, even though Olivia Loy very kindly invited me to be press at the event (Of events, remember…). Yes, I know. Not again! But, unfortunately, it has happened again and there is very little I could do about it. As I said, very shortly I am hoping to be able to share some of the reasons as to why that is happening, but right now it is a no-go for me. Sigh.

Anyway, enough of that. Olivia has been fantastic and very understanding throughout and, of course, a very generous person, because she has also provided me with something I am going to share with the audience of this weblog. Basically, she has granted me with two free passes for the conference event itself that I can give out to anyone I would want, even if I cannot make it myself. How cool is that, eh? So, I thought that one thing I would do is to reward two of you, folks, out there who have been my faithful readers for some time, with one of those free passes so that you can get to attend the conference event I would have loved I would have been able to make, but that in the end it hasn’t worked out just right. At least, this time around.

So what is going to be the deal? Well, since most of you get to read my weblogs rather through my RSS / Atom feeds or going directly into the Web sites I am just going to leave it to the first couple of folks who get to visit http://elsua.net or http://blogs.ittoolbox.com/km/elsua and share a blog comment in either of these posts. Yes, I am going to duplicate this weblog entry and whoever gets to share the blog comment in either of them would get the free pass from me.

As simple as that! So if you were thinking about going, but didn’t find a chance or rather something else came up, but that got fixed and would love to go now, here is the chance for you to make it. Having me saying "Thank You!" for sticking there through thick and thin and here you have got this free pass.

I know that I would be missing a great deal by not making into the conference, but I am surely hoping that I would be able to catch up with it throughout the course of the event. I know that a whole bunch of the folks from the Social Media Today collective will be there, so would be able to keep an eye on things through them. But also I bet there would be plenty of people talking about it, just seeing the impressive agenda and group of keynote speakers that would be making it to the event of events, indeed!

Thus if you would want to be there, don’t hesitate, just head over to the main URL from this weblog post, share a comment with which you can leave your e-mail address (While placing the credentials of the blog comment) and I will give you the free pass. Remember, two free passes, so once they are gone, they are gone!

And looking forward to what promises to be one of those events that I am surely going to regret not making it to in a long while! But I am glad to see that, at least, two of the folks who read my weblogs would benefit from such opportunity. Go and grab it! Now!

(From here as well a big massive Thanks! to Olivia for her kind invitations and the free passes! It is greatly appreciated, Olivia! Thanks ever so much and hope to see you next year!)

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  1. Hi Doug! Thanks a bunch for dropping by and for sharing your feedback. It looks like you just made it for that free pass for the conference. There was just one other comment which came afterwards, and since I only have got two free passes, off it goes. On its way to you. I will send an e-mail with the details! Hope you get to enjoy the event and that you get to share some of your thoughts about it on your blog, so that we can all keep up with what is going on.

    Have fun! 🙂

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