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Don’t Be Ridiculous!

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Well, after having created, earlier on, a rather lengthy weblog entry on one particularly interesting application in the realm of online real-time collaboration, Damaka, I thought I would make the next post a lot shorter than that one and, even better, with something to get you off to a great start of the weekend, which is just around the corner. I am actually going to continue being your personal YouTube pimp, like James Dellow would say, and link to a recent weblog post that one of my IBM colleagues, Kelly, shared a couple of days ago.

Just pump up the volume and listen carefully. I bet you will enjoy it just as much as I did and will get you ready for the weekend ! Oh, and before I forget, the theme of the video clip has got a lot to do with some of the stuff that is going to be happening to me very shortly when I start detailing some of the upcoming trips I got planned already… Thus stay tuned, because we may be able to meet up somewhere ! We shall see. (Yes, in case you are wondering, my passport is all right!)

Without much further ado, here is the embedded video clip:

Have a good one, folks !

(Thanks, Kelly!)

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  1. Thanks a lot, folks, for dropping by and for the feedback comments! heh

    Kelly, yes, indeed, I will be doing a lot of travelling this year, apparently, and all of it starting next week Monday! It is going to be fun since I am going to be travelling to places I have never been to thus far and a few others that I have visited in the past a few times. So stay tuned for more details as I will be sharing with you all what that is all about and perhaps we may be able to be meet up even! You never know.

    Thanks again for the feedback!

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