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Reminder of How Much Things Are Changing – Did You Know?

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Oh boy, I am shattered! What an incredibly busy week this has been thus far, folks! One of the busiest  I have been having in a long long while ! Thank goodness it is Friday and just feel like I could do with some well deserved rest and start enjoying the weekend a bit sooner than expected. I was thinking about creating another weblog entry where I could share some of the thoughts that have been going on in my mind over the last few days from stuff that I have been reading, but somehow I feel that my body and my mind have got other plans and just want to get the … out of here!

However, I thought I would create this particularly quick weblog entry where I would want to share a video from YouTube that I have found in several other places, Tony Karrer’s weblog being one of them, about how fast things are changing for us all at the beginning of the 21st century. There are lots and lots of things that I could share about the impact that video clip has had in me, after watching it. Humble is probably one of the words that comes to mind, amongst many others. However, instead of me just sharing some more thoughts with you on the subject, I am just going to embed the video over here and let you alone watch it. You will probably find it just as educational, enlightening and thought-provoking as I have found it.

It is just amazing that this presentation piece has been put together quite some time ago and is making the rounds all over the place nowadays. I guess … What comes around goes around… Have a good one, folks! Signing off for now…

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  1. Suddenly I felt very old, just like that…

    I have to do some quick changes in the way I approach things to keep up (if possible) with the changes…

    Mon Dieu!

  2. Hi Julio César! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the feedback comments ! Yes, indeed, "Mon Dieu!" Welcome to the club of those of us who have changed the way we approach things after watching through that video! It surely makes you figure out what matters and how you would need to prioritise some stuff as time goes by. Being flexible and adapt takes a new meaning, for sure, don’t you think?

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