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My Reflections on Blogging – Three Years On and Why I Am Still Here

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I think that this post is actually going to be somewhat a bit of an insular weblog entry on its own. Oh, wait, I just linked to Darren’s ProBlogger! I guess it will not be after all. Sigh. Anyway, I just wanted to get together this article in order to share something that although initially it may sound a bit too selfish (Not to worry. I will try to keep in mind being a humble blogger. Goodness ! Here I go again, linking to another article from Darren’s weblog referencing the superb entry "The Honor of Humility"), it is actually quite interesting since earlier on today it forced me to actually ponder about my blogging habits and why I got here in the first place. Yes, that is right, this is another weblog post that touches base on some of the reasons as to why I still keep on weblogging on three different places day in day out. And for the last three years already !

Earlier on today I created a post in my IBM Intranet weblog stating how yesterday it was actually the third anniversary of my internal weblog (Called elesar’s) and right there I mentioned how over the course of those three years I have been able to have some of the most incredible experiences thanks to my involvement with both the IBM and Internet blogosphere by sharing my thoughts around Social Computing and Knowledge Management with others. In the past I have been detailing some of the reasons as to why I have always felt (Still do) that weblogging has been very much worth while for me all along. But I guess, that today, after reaching that third year anniversary milestone I have realised about the main reason why I still keep on weblogging on a daily basis.

Back in December 3rd 2003 I got started with my Intranet weblog and after three years, and two other Internet weblogs (elsua – a KM Blog and elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog), I have now managed to put together 2.610 weblog posts all in all: 1.935  for my Intranet weblog, 458 for elsua.net and 216 for elsua @ ITtoolbox. That is 2.4 weblog posts a day for all of the weblogs I currently maintain. Not too bad, I guess, considering that I only get to do this as some labour of love, like Dennis would say.

The thing is though that while reflecting on all of those statistics as a result of celebrating that third anniversary, I have actually realised that the one thing that keeps me going with all of these weblogs all along, and still going strong,  is actually not talking about different KM tools and technologies, like you have read about a few times already, nor having lengthy weblog posts around different issues related to KM processes. On the contrary. The main reason why I still keep on weblogging after those three years in the blogosphere is nothing more, nothing less (Yes, you guessed it right!) than the people! Yes, that is right. You, folks!

Every which one of you who every day keep on reading some of the stuff I get to write about; who get to comment on a regular basis on some of the different items I have been discussing around the world of Knowledge Management (Sometimes as weblog comments, others as informal conversations through IM or VoIP, or through e-mail, you name it). Despite whatever else you may have been doing all along, I am ever so much grateful that you still keep coming back and dropping by sharing your insights and make all this experience worth while on its own. And big time ! Back when I started three years ago and till today.

So for that and so much more that weblogs have been providing me throughout all this time here is an entry where I would want to sincerely thank you all for being there, through thick and thin, and for making of Luis Suarez what he is at the moment: Luis Suarez. (Wish I could include the link to my internal blog in that last sentence!)

Happy anniversary, elesar’s! I hope you get to celebrate another three more years of exciting conversations and that you keep spreading the message around that weblogging is nothing more than about the people!

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  1. Hi Easton ! Thanks much for dropping by and for the kind feedback comments ! I must say that even though I started blogging three years ago it still feels like it was just yesterday. The excitement and passion is still there and I am certainly willing to go for those three years that you have just mentioned above and whatever else !

    Thanks again for the words of encouragement and for dropping by. Greatly appreciated!

  2. Luis – Congratulations on 3 years of impactful and insightful blogging. You’re clearly at the forefront of this endeavour within IBM. Much continued success!

    By the way, what does elesar stand for / mean to you?

    p.s. submitting this from my Omea Reader interface. Planning to really dig into it and set up different workspaces, etc…over holiday. Thanks for recommending.

  3. Thanks a bunch, folks, for dropping by and for the kind feedback comments ! It is greatly appreciated.

    Howard, RE: “what does elesar stand for / mean to you?” this is actually something that I get asked quite often so here it goes. elesar are actually my initials: L S R, and the same would actually apply to elsua, although that one is a bit more elaborate (Tip: First and Last name). Hope that helps.

    I am really glad to read you are giving a try to one my favourite RSS feed readers, Omea Pro / Reader, and that you are enjoying the experience ! Very good!

    Fernand0, muchas gracias por los comentarios y también por el trackback que enviaste sobre este mismo artículo. Yo también te llevo leyendo ya un tiempo y en estos momentos tengo seleccionados un par de tus “posts” donde comentaré algo muy pronto. ¡Un saludo y gracias de nuevo !

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