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Wikis in Enterprises Survey – Collaborative Working in Enterprise Environments Using Wikis

In a weblog post that I have shared over at elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog in ITtoolbox some time ago around the subject of Using Wikis in the Enterprise Intranet Tim Bartel shared an interesting link that I also thought would be of interest for the folks over here in elsua. It is actually a survey in English (Initially launched in German) that is trying to gather some further input on the business value of wikis in the Enterprise. Yes, that is what I thought myself. Very interesting.

For those folks interested in taking a look into it here you have got some further details on the subject, directly from its homepage:

Welcome to the online survey within context of the study “Wikis in Enterprises” by the Department of Personnel Economics and Human Resource Management of the University of Cologne. Due to high demand the German survey has been translated to english to gather international data too.

A lot of enterprises use wiki technology today. Scientific research on this subject thus far has only been sporadic. Aim of the survey “Wikis in Enterprises” is the examination of the factors which work in favor or disfavor for the use of wikis in enterprises. These factors can for example be the affiliation to a business sector, the size of an enterprise, the listing or the outsourcing of IT activities. Dependencies between these factors may also lead to interesting conclusions.

The survey adresses enterprises of any size and also enterprises not using a wiki. It is held short on purpose and answering it will take only 5-10 minutes at most.

With your participation you help building a data pool allowing conclusions based on which it is possible to evaluate the use of wikis in enterprises and to compose recommendations.

Of course, after reading such a enticing introduction, and Tim’s comments, I just couldn’t help but filling it out and sign up as well with my e-mail address in order to be able to get the results once the survey is finished. I am sure that it would be providing some interesting results that would help clarify how beneficial wikis are for the Enterprise. I know that most of us would already state how valuable they actually are already for any kind of business but I think it would be a good thing to have some hard data that could be shared with those who may be a bit skeptic thus far.

Thus what are you waiting for? Take the survey today ! It would take you 5 minutes, indeed, but the benefits of such exercise could prove to be very useful and relevant to prove, once and for all, the true value add of social software in the enterprise. It is up to us now…

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  1. I took the survey. Thanks for pointing it out. I suspect that the usefulness of the results, for some of us, will be dependent in part on how they define ‘enterprise’. Doesit mean the same thing, for instance, in Europe as it means in America? Or Asia?

  2. Hi Des, thanks a lot for dropping by and for the feedback comments. Really nice that you also submitted your input for the survey. We shall see how that will turn out to be. Regarding your comment about the wording for “enterprise”, I can only speak for myself, having worked for one in multiple countries under different languages, customs, cultures and the like, you name it, that the term is very similar in most of the European countries I have visited and that similarity resembles the main concept you folks use in the US. Thus I can imagine that the results would be worth while investigating further and see how they would come around.

    Thanks again for al lthe feedback comments!

  3. Hi Tim ! Thanks a lot for the trackback and for sending the feedback comments across ! I must say that I am also a little bit disappointed with the results you have come out with thus far from the international list of participants. I was expecting to see a much higher number actually (Up in the several hundreds). So since that doesn’t seem to be the case what I will do is to give it some more further promotion and encourage folks to submit their input before the deadline of the 25th of September. Hopefully, by then you would have a representative enough good number to work on and publish those survey results and findings whenever they would be ready.

    Again, appreciated the trackback and hope you get to double the number of respondents a few times ! Let’s go for it !

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