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IBM Professional Technical Leadership Exchange – Madrid – May 2006

This week, folks, is going to be an interesting week as tomorrow morning I will be heading over to Madrid, Spain, for an upcoming IBM, internal only, event (The IBM Professional Technical Leadership Exchange) where a whole bunch of the IBM top leaders will get together from the 2nd till the 5th of May to share thoughts, ideas, experiences around the subject of “Delivering Innovation Together“.

Main reason why I am creating this weblog post over here is because while attending this particular event I will also be presenting, this coming Friday, on one of my favourite topics thus far: Personal Knowledge Management, which as you may have well guessed, fits in quite nicely with the main themes here at elsua. Indeed, during the course of a bit over an hour I will be taking the opportunity to talk about how Personal Knowledge Management, and the emergence of social software, is actually helping Knowledge Management come back in the corporate world big time, and perhaps everywhere else as well. And all that through a stronger and much more meaningful way where for the first time knowledge workers are the center of attention and not the tools, nor the processes, in order to help keep a much more relevant and stronger sense of knowledge sharing and collaboration within the corporation.

Thus, yes, indeed, I will be talking about wikis, weblogs, social bookmarks, podcasting, IM / VoIP, RSS / Atom Newsfeeds and so forth. Touching base, specially, on the IBM internal social networking tools that we are currently using at the moment in this particular space of social software. I am not sure if I would be able to share the presentation materials yet, as I need to do a few inquiries yet. I am not even sure if I would be able to some live conblogging as I have been told the venue is not very good with the network connections. Either way, I will certainly be taking some notes along the way and whenever I get a chance I will certainly get things going and post something, including some pictures of the event. Thus stay tuned for some more to come up !

Off I go …

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