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10 Tips for Becoming a Great Corporate Blogger

Just this morning, and while checking my RSS Newsfeeds, I have bumped into a particularly interesting weblog post by Ted Demopoulos over at Blogging for Business around the subject on 10 Tips for Becoming a Great Corporate Blogger and which references another superb article from Scout on this very same subject. A pretty good and must-read post for everyone who may want to get started not just with their own corporate weblog but with weblogging in general.

Indeed, I feel that most of the different tips that are mentioned over at 10 Tips for Becoming a Great Corporate Blogger would be applicable to weblogging in general, whether it is done on a personal level or on a business / corporate like levels. In fact, I have been weblogging in my Intranet weblog for over two years now and every now and then I still get questions from people who would want to know how to make it as a successful corporate weblogger. And this particular article just seems to fit in the profile so nicely that I decided to weblog about it in my Intranet weblog earlier on this morning.

However, I thought that this time around, while I do realise that this is, yet again, another metablogging post in elsua, I decided to create a cross link over here but instead of just reference it I will try to add a brief commentary on each of the tips to share with your folks my two cents worth of comments in order to be able to add further into the conversation.

To get us started and positioned into the right mood here is a superb quote that I am sure would demonstrate the value of weblogging showing that in most cases it is not about being the best writer, nor the most prolific, but:

“Being a successful blogger is about creating a connection with an audience by providing relevant content, nurturing that relationship with comments and links and keeping the dialogue flowing. Here are ten tips to get you started.” (Emphasis mine)

With that introduction, and as a teaser including my commentary, here you have got a little taste of what the article is all about:

  1. Understanding the fundamentals of Blogger Relations: I never thought about it this way but the article has got a point. If you want to get out there and connect with others you would need to work on your Blogger Relations, indeed, perhaps at the same level if not more (Because of the remoteness) than the traditional PR. And perhaps being shy may not help a lot.
  2. Create value: Indeed, this is one of the reasons why I primarily created all of my weblogs. To be able to add further into the conversation(s) my two cents worth of comments on the topics that I have got a passion for, because after all, it is all down to how passionate you are about the topics you want to discuss in order to be able to create that sustainable value.
  3. Grow and sustain your audience by providing real analysis: Spot on! Otherwise why would you want to reference on something if you are going to be able to read in the original resource. What is the point? We can all read the original article by ourselves. In my case, I just want to know people’s opinions about that piece of news. For the rest I can get the details myself. That is where I think the power of weblogging is; in augmenting the original conversation(s).
  4. Report on community opinion: This is a very powerful option since it would allow to build further up on that sense of belonging to the group or the community with which you can start creating multiple connections at multiple levels and make it all a very worth while discussion where everyone provides their share on establishing the connection.
  5. Respond with comments to build relationships and traffic: This is one of those tips that I cannot but stress how important it is. I am one of those lucky folks whose Internet weblog is not very popular. Yes, to me, that is a good thing ! It has got a good share of readers who get to comment every now and then and I am just very delighted that I can dedicate the time to respond to them the way they deserve for coming back over and over again and sharing their thoughts. That is, to me, what differentiates a good weblogger from a mediocre one just looking to have their traffic increased so that they rank higher. Waste of time.
  6. Track your conversations: This is also another tip that I have been employing from the very beginning since I started weblogging away. I have even weblogged myself about it elsewhere when I provided an overview about coComment and how I am currently using myself BlinkList  to keep track of all of the comments I share out there in the Blogosphere. Yes, indeed, it is all about the conversations so you might as well go ahead and keep track of them.
  7. Don’t be afraid of criticism: No, indeed, don’t be afraid of it because that is actually what is going to give character to your weblog and what will make people stick together with you. Believe it or not, you will be able to attract some more traffic through that criticism than just talking to yourself. It is just so much more entertaining and engaging, specially if you would want to be part of the conversations.
  8. Conduct interviews to generate content and ideas: Great tip ! Something I haven’t exploited myself yet for any of my weblogs I maintain but perhaps something that I may be able to use some time in the future. Does anybody out there from you folks fancy doing an interview to talk about KM, Communities of Practice, Social Networking and the like? Let me know 😉
  9. Promote your weblog: Yes, in principle, I agree with giving some more promotion to your own weblogs, like I have mentioned elsewhere in another weblog posts, but I have also indicated that you should probably not overdo it in detriment of providing that value that is mentioned above. I think they could both walk hand in hand to provide some good balance. Sometimes it is not about getting the word out and about all over the place, but getting the right word out and about. That is, to me, what really matters. The rest is circumstantial. Check this other weblog post from Steve Rubel on the subject and its subsequent commentary (I will talk about it more in detail at a later time, not to worry; one metablog post at a time) for some additional reading on the topic.
  10. Monitor the web for brand names and references: As far as I can see anybody who may not have been doing this for quite some time now, even if you do not have a weblog, I feel that they just do not want to be part of the conversations taking place out there and therefore become an integral part of them. Thus, if you haven’t done so yet, get involved ! We will all be much better off if you do so.

As I said a worth while read if you are interested in trying out not just corporate weblogging but also for your own personal weblogging efforts and not just because of the hype or because everyone is doing it but more because you feel it may well the right medium for you to get out, connect, share and collaborate with others. Good read, indeed !

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  1. Hi Luis, I’m really enjoying your recent blog posts, particularly how you’ve taken the popular 10 point format and elaborated on each point with your own analysis and links.

  2. Hi Shawn ! Thanks very much for dropping by and for the kind comments. Appreciated. Actually, I am really glad that you mention this because I am never too sure about posting weblog articles like this one because adding my two cents worth of comments to each entry would eventually make it a rather long weblog post and although I do realise people might enjoy reading through them I am also aware of people’s times and certainly wouldn’t want to take more time than necessary. So getting this feedback is really appreciated, Shawn. Thanks again !

    (Perhaps one of these days I will weblog on this particular subject. I have meant to do it based on another interesting weblog post I found on the subject but haven’t gotten around it yet. Perhaps I will shortly).

  3. Hello John (Scout) and welcome to elsua ! Thanks very much for dropping by and for sharing your thoughts over at your weblog and for sending the Trackback. Appreciated. I think that would be a terrific idea and I would certainly like to get together with you and discuss this further. Since I am not sure what your IM client would be I think I will drop you an e-mail and then we can talk from there. Hope to be able to speak to you soon ! Till then, thanks again for the feedback and for the trackbacks !

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