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If you remember, not so long ago I created several weblog posts around the subject of promoting your own weblog out there in the blogosphere so when I bumped into Blogging for Business and this particular weblog post, Blog and RSS/Atom search engines – registering blogs, I just couldn’t help add my two cents worth of comments and share through this Trackback a couple of other good weblog posts on the subject that I have found in some of my RSS Newsfeeds and which I thought were quite an interesting read for the good amount of tips contained in them. I am not too much into getting lots of traffic for my weblog(s) as that is not the main purpose why I created them in the first place, but I can imagine that other folks would be interested in these tips as a way to try to attract as much traffic as possible, so since Ted Demopoulos is looking for some other suggestions here we go with them:

As you can see lots of good options and tips that we will be able to follow if we would want to give a bit more promotion for our weblog(s). I know that in its due time I may be going back to all these different resources and try to attract some more traffic to my weblog(s) but for the time being I just thought about sharing them with others hoping they may prove useful to them, just like they may well do with me as well whenever I decide I am ready to embark on doing some more aggressive promotion.

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(By the way, if you haven’t subscribed yet to Blogging for Business I would strongly suggest you do since both Ted and Shel are posting some very interesting findings about why companies should be paying attention to this refreshing, relatively new, way of sharing knowledge and information)

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  • […] Promote your weblog: Yes, in principle, I agree with giving some more promotion to your own weblogs, like I have mentioned elsewhere in another weblog posts, but I have also indicated that you should probably not overdo it in detriment of providing that value that is mentioned above. I think they could both walk hand in hand to provide some good balance. Sometimes it is not about getting the word out and about all over the place, but getting the right word out and about. That is, to me, what really matters. The rest is circumstantial. Check this other weblog post from Steve Rubel on the subject and its subsequent commentary (I will talk about it more in detail at a later time, not to worry; one metablog post at a time) for some additional reading on the topic. […]

  • Kylee Pan says:

    Definitely with your thoughts here and that i enjoy your blog! I’ve bookmarked it making sure that I can come back & read more in the foreseeable future.

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