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Along the Coastline – Part Deux

Last week, I created a weblog post, Along the Coastline, showing some of the best pictures I placed that week in my Flickr account so that you could see some more from the recent ferry boat trip I took from Arguineguin to Puerto Rico and then finishing off in Puerto de Mogan. And back.

I thought this week about continuing with the series of pictures I took where this time around you will be able to enjoy some of the spectacular scenarios provided by two different hotels built up on the cliffs surrounding the area from Puerto Rico. Sometimes I wonder how they managed to build them up there but then again, regardless of the efforts and hard work put together to build them, it is well worth while seeing them. If not check out yourself the following three pictures I have selected from the ones I have shared already in Flickr:

Riu Club Vistamar Hotel
Gloria Palace Amadores Hotel
Riu Club Vistamar Hotel

You will be able to see some of the others I have shared by going directly into my Flickr account or simply by checking out the Flickr badge embedded in my weblog template. However, if you fancy something really neat and want to check most of the pictures I have shared so far without having to go ahead and click elsewhere I would suggest you check out the following slideshow I am going to share below:

That fantastic Flickr slideshow comes from an original idea from Paul Stamatiou (By sharing the code over at HOW TO Quickie: Embedded Flickr Slideshows), who triggered Ryan Prins to share another slideshow improvement and which can be found over here: Flickr Slideshow HTML Script, which is what I am sharing above. I love it ! I am not sure what I will be doing with it just yet. I may eventually be creating a separate page or update my About page to include it on a more or less permanent basis, since the Flickr daily zeitgeist is already taking care of showing some of those pictures directly embedded into my weblog template. Either way, I will leave it in this particular weblog post for the time being and till I decide where to place it. Enjoy it !

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