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Upgrade to WordPress 2.0 Has Now Been Completed

A few days ago you would remember how I created a weblog post where I was mentioning the new release from WordPress version 2.0 and back then I indicated how I would be looking into upgrading as soon as I could possibly do it. Now that we are in 2006 and we are getting started with the new year I am happy to confirm that with the help of the server admins where I am hosting my weblog and a bit of tweaking here and there I am up and running with WordPress 2.0 ! Hoera !

As you may have been able to read elsewhere, there is very little you will notice from this upgrade as a reader since most of the different new features are part of the Admin panel but I can certainly say that so far, and from what I have tried out, it has improved my weblogging experience quite a lot. Managing Links, creating categories on the fly, an improved Write Post menu with a live preview option that will become quite handy and a fancy blue skin has certainly made it worth while. And not to forget the Akismet plugin which I have got now active as well to fight spam.

We shall see how things will go further but as far as I can see things are going quite all right at the moment. As we go along in time I may eventually continue sharing some more thoughts on the overall weblogging experience with the new upgrade to WordPress next to other existing options like w.bloggar, Qumana, Performancing for FireFox, or Flock’s weblogging component, which I have been weblogging about already.

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