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RSS – Crossing into the Mainstream

Some time ago I created a weblog post where I was mentioning how RSS (Really Simple Syndication) was no longer meant just for webloggers. Back then you would have probably thought that RSS and web syndication had made some good progress into becoming mainstream. However, things may not have moved that quickly just yet. At least, that is the initial impression you would get after you take a look into the following white paper: RSS — Crossing into the Mainstream, available over Joshua Grossnickle’s weblog.

Indeed, it looks like although a very useful technology to keep up to date with multiple web resources it still needs to catch up further with the big majority of Internet users. Here you have got a screen shot with some of its key findings:

As you can see from there it looks like we still have got plenty of ground to cover but one thing that would seem to be a key success factor would be the simplicity and ease of use of the technology to make it through into the mainstream. Most end-users would not really be bothered about wanting to use RSS feeds in order to have access to the information. What they would certainly like to have is a simple way of keeping up to date with their favourite resources and all of that from a single point of entry. And that is mainly what web syndication should be about. Just access to information. Pure and simple. And forget about all the different complexities. Thus it would be interesting to see how things would develop further into facilitating the faster adoption of syndication for Web resources.

Either way a very interesting read that I highly recommend to all those folks who may want to have a look into what is happening around the world of RSS. You can download the white paper from the following URL: RSS — Crossing into the Mainstream.

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