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Google Analytics – Managing Your Website Traffic Easier than Ever and Free of Charge

Here we go again, folks. Google creating some more havoc out there on the Internet. And this time around forgetting the Beta flag of, yet again, another product release. That is how Google Analytics has been born. Indeed, you may have read about it all over the place on the Web, but just to get you started here you have got /.‘s, Digg‘s and Arstechnica‘s articles on the announcement.

I must say that when I read through the different news web sites about the new Google release I was a bit skeptic about it, specially when it has been a few months now since it bought Urchin, an offering for which you would have to pay a good amount of money to get the service going. But now Google managed to surprise us all and make that product release free of charge ! Goodness ! How much trouble can that create ? Indeed, quite a lot, folks, quite a lot. So I decided to give it a try and sign up; take it for a ride and see how it would go.

And that is where all my excitement just died out because for the last couple of hours I have been trying to sign up with my GMail account and to no avail. Rather the system is not responding or I am getting time out errors. I guess that once again Google is suffering from the typical launch crash they tend to go through when releasing a new product. Either way, I am surely going to wait for this one to be up and running, as I have been looking forward to get this kind of functionality for my weblog elsua and now, instead of having to pay for that kind of offering, we have got the opportunity of making good use of a free release and see how it would perform. See if it would meet our needs and our requirements.

So far I have been using Miarroba to get some further web analysis and statistics from my weblog and I have been quite content with the experience and the results, thus I guess I will have a very good way of comparing both services whenever Google Analytics comes up live again and see which one would be the winner. And now, at least, I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who is having a similar problem to the one I have detailed above. Anyway, time to wait for the service to be back up and give it a try. Then once I have checked it out for a few days I will let you all know how it went, if I ever get a chance, that is.

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