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It Is Just Another Blog Search Engine

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Disappointed ! Yes, a bit, actually. That is probably how I feel so far about the so-called search engine of all search engines. Apparently, Google’s Blog Search is not as good as we thought it was. And, of course, it is still Beta. Not long ago, I created another weblog post where I was commenting on the recent Google announcement about its Blog Search engine. And if back then I was rather content and surprised with the results I guess that was bound to change at some point. And by the looks of it I am not the only one, it seems. Check out the following news article by Stephen Baker: Google’s Lackluster Blog Search, where he more or less comes to the same conclusion I have about Google’s Blog Search:

“The Bottom Line: The search giant fails to deliver a KO. For now, it’s just another blog search engine”

Certainly, it looks like it is just another weblog search engine like most of the others. Over the last few days I have been checking out on the consistency of the results and I am finding out that what started as a really good option it is no longer the case. And if not, here you have got the example. Back then I mentioned how Google‘s search engine was able to locate 147 weblog posts from my Internet weblog: LSR. However, today, 13 days later, the count is now up to 149 weblog posts, according to the search results, whereas my current count of weblog posts is on 160 ! Thus where are all the others? Vanished into thin air ? I guess not, since I can find them with some other search engines.

That is why to me, and like Stephen Baker mentions, Google’s Blog Search engine is just another good attempt to provide us with some good results when search for content in weblogs but like many of the others it just dies there, a good attempt. But not to worry, it is still beta and I guess there is still lots of room for improvement. We shall see what happens next time I do a couple of tests, but so far I am just that. Disappointed.

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