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Meetro – It Really Breaks The Ice

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

In another weblog post, Scabadone pointed me out to a similar offering to Plazes that would be worth while checking and back then I mentioned that I would be giving it a try and then see how it would go. Well, I have now been trying Meetro since then and although it is not the same as Plazes it also has got some very good points. Let’s see.

Installing the application takes you no time and it is very easy to set yourself up with a profile, including a picture and some of your favourite links. Working with it is also very user friendly and like Scabadone mentioned you can have lots of different interactions even if you are just a newbie. At least, I was and right away I got to talk with a couple of folks. The great thing about Meetro though is its simplicity. It cannot be much easier than this to get together with people.

You right away get to see, based in your profile location details, who you have got close to you and start a conversation from there. The user interface to such interaction is rather simple but very effective. Straight to the point. The fact that you get constant feedback from the application itself about what is around you makes it a perfect tool for those people who want to meet other folks. And although it may not be the best option to get together with people who are looking for business or work related colleagues it is still a great option to use specially when you are new in town.

However, by the looks of it Meetro seems to be getting started as the critical mass of users are very US centric at the moment, with very few folks here in Europe or in Asia. They have been running for just a couple of months so there is great potential in expansion. Also there is one other area where I would expecting they dig in further for future enhancements. And that is integration with other offerings.

This is what, for instance, makes Plazes a fantastic option. The integration with Skype, Flickr, GoogleMaps and Multimap just puts interactions into a much richer and complex context that will allow people to make much stronger connections between one another as opposed to have to build them up from scratch. So over the next few months I will surely be keeping an eye on Meetro and see how it may be catching on with other offerings in providing that outstanding social networking offering that it could potentially become.

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