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Weblog Migration Is a Painful Process or Is It Not?

As I am continuing to work on elsua further, at the moment I am having a look at the template customisation where I will be adding a number of different features, thus stay tuned !, there was one single item that got me wondering what I would be doing with it now that the weblog is up and running and I am not longer posting content into LSR. Yes, indeed, that is the migration of the contents from one weblog to the other. Both weblogs are running WordPress and although I know I could probably get the data from one to the other I am not sure it would be an easy task.
I think that this is due to the fact that LSR is hosted over at Blogsome and I am not sure I would be able to get all the contents from them in one single go. I know I may be able to use FTP to grab those contents if I would have access to it, but since that FTP access is not possible within Blogsome I think it is going to be a painful and slow process. So that is why I have decided to take a bit more of a radical approach and just move those weblog posts over here that I find still relevant and that I would want to keep.
Then for all the others I will just leave them for the time being in my Blogsome weblog and if I ever would want to get them back I know where they are. One step at a time. Thus you will have to bear with me while all this migration and template tweaking takes place. I am going to make sure that there will be some updated content as well during the course of the day so that you can also check out and read some of the stuff of what is going on in elsua and which may not have been include in my other weblog.
You may be actually wondering how I am planning to make that migration from one weblog to the other, right ? Well, I though about using Qumana for this same purpose. I am sure that you know already about this, right? The latest version of Qumana actually allows you to get former posts from your weblog and bring them back to edit mode and then with a single change of the weblogging platform I can re-post the weblog content but in my new weblog: elsua. So what I thought would probably have been a painful process it may not be so any longer. It may take some time as I am also planning to add some more information details on each of the weblog posts if applicable, but I hope to eventually get there over the next few days.
However, if you know of a way about how to migrate easily content from Blogsome into a WordPress based weblog please do post a comment with the info or contact me offline. Let’s see how it all goes, folks. More to come later on.
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  1. Thanks a lot, Matthew, for the Trackback and for the superb tip ! Yes, indeed, initially, that is exactly what I had thought about doing. In principle, I didn’t want to move over all of the different weblog posts from LSR, only those that I would want to keep over at the new weblog and that was it. So I had thought about using Qumana for that, instead of Ecto. With Qumana’s latest version you can retrieve an N of weblog posts and then repost them back into the new weblog location. I did a couple of tests with that approach and I noticed that it would take me under 2 minutes to post content into the new weblog. And I thought that was a good option. However, your improvement tip is something worth while investigating further and keeping it as a reference for the future, just in case. So thanks again for sharing it with us !

    The thing is, as you have well mentioned, that I asked the superb Admin Team from Blogsome if I could have a backup of the different weblog posts and within the next few hours I had an e-mail in my Inbox with the entire weblog posts from LSR as a zipped file and ready to import into the new server location, which the folks where I am hosting the weblog now kindly agreed to upload. So in the end what I thought was going to be a painful process it turned out to be rather easy and in no time. Something that I am really grateful for to both the Blogsome folks and the guys where I host elsua.

    Regarding your other feedback about opening up my weblog for comments, I must say that I never gave it a try thinking that I wouldn’t want to handle all those spam comments that you keep on hearing about all over the place. On the other hand, I do have got the WordPress Hashcash plugin installed in this weblog so I guess I could give it a try and see how long it would last without getting hammered with the comments. Thus I am going to follow your suggestion and see how long it will take me before I lock it again. Let’s see. Let the games begin !

  2. You make some good points. I guess it depends on your standpoint. – If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. – Benjamin Franklin 1706 – 1790

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