Reinventing Social Media – The People by David Armano

One thought on “Reinventing Social Media – The People by David Armano”

  1. Great post and an excellent wrap-up of David’s talk (I had just watched the video prior to reading this). I had the priviledge of getting to know him this year in a conference I helped organize. He brings to the social media hype a good deal of common sense and vision.

    Regarding the social media conversion scale I’m shooting for the evolving true believer, though I’m not sure if I’m there yet. I try as much as possible to learn from different perspectives (and still believe that I need to study sociology much more) in order to avoid the jerk status 🙂

    As for your statement “unless knowledge workers take a much more personal involvement and commitment to augment their own individual productivity with all of these social tools, before they start thinking about sharing and collaborating effectively with other teams, networks and communities, our overall efforts of adoption won’t probably go much further beyond and eventually die off in the short term” that to me sums up brilliantly one of the key issues around social media and also around E2.0. The change has to start at the individual level. Corporate culture acts as a facilitator, or not, of the wanted behaviours, and tools serve only as enablers. The rest is up to our reinvention as individuals…

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